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*giggles I’m laughing at the title I pulled.

So this week April is waning, I got a pretty bad month at work so I’m determined to bounce back this May.

Avengers Week, yes it was, and it made me broke because my four nieces came with me to watch it.  Those princesses sure know how to spend their aunt’s money.

Aside from Rooftop Prince who has been my source of  delight these days, I’m still on for Fashion King and King2Hearts.

I was supposed to read American Gods, but I change course and ended up reading EL James 50 Shades of Grey.  I’m hoping my super-ish speed reading skills will make me finish it until tomorrow.

So Avengers was exciting and engrossing.  It was action-packed and no dawdling moment.  Thor’s arms of course didn’t disappoint me.  Captain America and Ironman did their fair share but Hulk was revelation.  The scene where he slams Loki on the floor was a sight to behold as well as his own version of life saving shock to revive Ironman.  It was a nice experience.

A weekend full of shopping.  I’m happy, restored but broke.

Goodbye April 2012.

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