Clock strikes past 12 Midnight here in Manila…

Hello May!  My name is jediprincess.


The aftermath of a broken heart paved a way for me to start blogging.  Back then, I just want another world that I can pour my heart out because I deem my support system could be so tired trying to extend whatever warmth they could give me.

To numb my system, I didn’t get myself intoxicated, but instead I drowned myself with watching movies and TV dramas to sleep.  Before I knew it I was consumed with the love flutters and serenity shots those video pills have provided me.

Three years ago, I was in a limbo.  I was not sure if I have already moved on or just convincing myself that I did.  Sometimes I feel like cupid doesn’t favor me or dotes on me so much, he doesn’t want me falling in love so easily.   At any rate, I’m happy that I was angry in a pain, and it just needed time to mend it.

Part of the reason why I became addicted to Korean movies and dramas and some Taiwan series could probably be because it connects to the simplest frustrations I had when I was trying to achieve the love I dreamt and wanted.   It hits the bliss I felt and yearned of having again in the nearest someday.

Since then I never looked back, my kdrama spree became routinary, not that I’m complaining but I’m not even familiar with our local showizness because I remained camping in the outskirt of Han River.

Starwars fanatics can tell that my monicker came from that movie.  It’s one of my favorites, and I watch it whenever I’m sad or emotionally struggling.  I won’t say I’m a typical lady, because I’m not, but I guarantee you good times and amusing humor when you get to experience my company.  I work at night, talk to myself often, think a lot of things coming in and coming back to my mind.  I’m 28, single, and I do not date if I know there’s no chance I can be together with that man.  I’m quite chatty when you get my attention but I pretend I’m in a deep surmise when you are boring me.  I love learning new things and relearning the old ones.  I’m excessively diverted and what I cannot love, I normally overlook.

I have also gained wonderful and stimulating friends who just like me enjoyed the romance, hype, craziness and laughter these Asian dramas can promise and then eventually give.   I’m wishing for a lot more to come and I will always be grateful for sharing me your thoughts and time.

So this month, it’s gonna be “jediprincess” month.  I promise to gleefully write the entire month in celebration of my non-living cyberspace alter ego’s more than a thousand days of existence.


Beaming, abby ^_^


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