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This was the first fusion sageuk drama that appealed to my wandering love veins. It kept getting better in each episode, and also the first time that I fell in love with the male Second Lead “Moon Jae-shin/Geol Ah’ more than the main actor.

Another F4 spectacle where the hotties sported their traditional looks in a so endearing way. These debonairs were all the girl can ask for and more.
Kim Yoon Hee has assumed her sick brother’s identity and has been working as a scribe in a book store.  When financial constraint hit their family, she temporarily choked her personal convictions, and agreed to sit on the entrance exam on behalf of an aspiring Sungkyunkwan student, but another aspiring upright Sungkyunkwan scholar learned of her intentions and moved by her interesting character, he managed to have her entered the school. 
Under the disguise of a man, she ventured in a male populated university and soon weaved a close friendship with intelligent Lee Sun Joon, debonair Goo Yong Ha and defiant Moon Jae Shin.  The exploits of this quartet will make you crave for more of them while they play on your TV screen.
Yoon-hee’s warm, clever and pleasant personality has earned her a niche in the school and has made her friends with the rebel senior students Jae-shin and his rich-trendsetter-bestfriend  Goo Yong-ha.  These four completed one of the most quirkiest-you-can’t-help-but-swoon-quartet I have ever gazed on.
The main conflicts of the story surrounded on political issues surrounding the Joseon period at that time, as these Sungkyunkwan scholars were vouched by the King to help him in his vision of a new Joseon era.   Aside from the obvious hana-kimi conflict of Yoon-hee’s trapped identity, each main character’s persona’s weakness and struggle to compete with it pulled one of the reasons why I consider SKKS a hall-of-famer.
The heart fluttering inducing moments set in a not so modern way got me swooning and giddy-ish I would have made a boyfriend right there and then around that time because of so much love vibes I got from the adorable lead couple and the one-sided romance of Jae-shin.  
This is the perkiest period drama I’ve seen so far, if I may add it’s also oozing with vibrancy and resonance.  Considering the setting was in traditional times, they were able to execute love melting and love sighing scene while studying in the library, getting stranded inside a wooden elevator, and all the rest of those happy moments shared by the Sungkyunkwan Scholars.  The romantic scenes laid were all heart blowing and amazingly done considering its sageuk premise.  
I’m not a fan of sageuk drama and girl-pretending-a-boy-because-of-an-urgent reason is not something new for me, but I was blown away by the progress of the story and the build up of the romance in this love yarn.  This is also the first time I equally like the first lead man and the second lead man.  (who wouldn’t fall for Geol Ah? *sigh).  The person you will love after your first love is like Sungkyunkwan for me.  I can’t help but love this drama each episode I was watching.  It was so addictive and full of love, and I was even surprised to have felt that way considering I denounced it first when I learned of what its setting was, but hey I ate my words and they hit me big time with the sweetest vengeance.  Having F4 like drama aired in the past few years, I say SKKS in its own right deserved so much applause.   Definitely this has a spot on top Korean dramas on Abby-land.

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