I bet they were just counting on Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki’s star power to pull this off.  Nothing much special about it, typical, and the movie just passes by.  I felt that the chemistry was there but the story was not.


Kang Yu-ri has literally an emotional scary baggage.  She sees dead people.  Her sixth sense ability has saddled her to be accustomed in living alone and avoiding human contact.  But things change when a street magician Ma Jo-goo entered her life, and soon enough they both are aware of the budding romance between them, but they have to defy a grumpy ghost who was Yu-ri’s ex bestfriend Joo-hee, but died in an accident they were both together.  Since then, she has haunted Yu-ri and was determined not to make her happy nor develop attachment to any people. 

Yu-ri lived in isolation because of it, and has managed to get just friends over the phone.  When Jo-goo and Yu-ri eventually admit that they were on a love web, Joo-hee caused havoc even in his practical magic shows culminating to Yu-ri giving the necklace of her friend which was under possession that has been the thing she needed to accept her unfortunate fate.  For fear of getting her loved one being hurt again, she decided to leave him, and in that one airport love declaration-I’m-begging-you-not-to-leave-me scene, I was able to forgive all the things lacking in the movie.

There was no climax, quasi-climax maybe, the only thing that kept it from being dragging were the ghost inserts, funny couple scenes and of course Lee Min Ki and Son Ye-jin.

I will say the talents were wasted, and if not for the screen presence of the lead couple, the viewer won’t stay afloat.  It was like a denouement all the time, the problem was there, but there was no “what now”?

You have an anti-casper hindering you from getting close or building relationship with someone, because of love is all around spell you chose to fight for it, both of you did, it’s just so normal.

The closure of Yu-ri from Joo-hee, who can’t accept after-life was so annoyingly done.  I just don’t like a necklace resolving the issue.  I mean the ghost was a bit all over, so it’s not proper to give a faint conclusion.  They should have made it simpler, believable and not jewelry related.  If have an unreasonable ghost friend who wants to meddle with my affairs, the shamanic thing to do is to throw a spirit of the glass, just kidding… I don’t know why a ghost will pull revenge because her friend was revived because she was first noticed by the medical man as she was wearing the borrowed necklace from her.  Does that enough to hold a grudge?  Go figure.  Dead people should know that sh*t happens.  *wink

The progress of love was awkward but I forgave it because of Jo-goo’s crying “please-don’t-leave-me-plea” and “I-don’t-care-about-your-ghost-friend-I-love-you-still-I’ll-get-used-to-it” declaration of love.

I’m sure you’ll grab another movie after, and when you doze off, there’s no trace in your memory that the movie happened.  It was enchanting when it’s on the light notes, but the conflict and the plot didn’t justify what could have been a something new romance.  Nevertheless, it’s still a must to watch if you’re a fan of both the lead actors, like me.


*Photos were gotten from Google images search results. 


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