Once upon a time, there was a girl who craved for something different daily dose of TV drama she can watch everyday.  Her prayers were answered shortly when she was swept by the first Asian drama she has ever watch.  The rave of this drama sent her country to addiction, the people were wanting for more, thus a second season was produced.

Meteor Garden aired in my country when I was in college.  It was literally a phenomenon then.  Our local dramas are normally touching Spanish tones because of our history so when a handsome china-eyed quartet walked in the primetime TV, the metro was swayed by its craze.

I already saw all the four live adaptations of Hana Yori Dango where Meteor Garden was derived, each of them have their strengths but the first will always be “special”, and that is why I loved the Taiwan version among all.  Dau Ming Si is always there for me at my lowest points, looking at him always takes my breath away.

This is “my one great love” drama, and every now and then I still watch it.  The lines, the scenes still deeply move me whenever I get a bite of it.  There has been a lot of dramas that came and went, but still the first one who captures your heart will always be your yardstick on the next dramas you will watch.

So for those who haven’t seen this yet, take some time to watch it.  ^_^

P.S  And so finally I got a slot to a Hangul class sponsored by the Korean Cultural Center in my country.   I’m elated, dancing on the air happy.  From here on, and after some time eventually, I would be able to watch Kdrama-movie-pills on my own without relying on English subtitles.

Summer is fading and unfortunately I didn’t beat the summer.  Here comes my season the rainy days…


4 thoughts on “Meteor Garden – the yellow drama that started it all… ^_^

  1. I think im going to watch this abby, seems i should see where it was that it all started for you, for me it was my sassy girl then, what happened in Bali / secret garden.

    Now i just cant get enough of the asian fix =)

    Im planning on posting an updated list of all that i have watched, but no doubt i will end up missing some off it through being forgetful.


    Mr Ð

    1. you should really watch it.. it’s d first adaptation of boys over flower.. d lead man there is my first love..

      enjoy, you might want to check autumn’s concerto is a must watch too..

      beaming, abby jediprincess.wordpress.com

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