In the sea of Korean movies to watch this weekend, I noticed an actor who hasn’t been at Han River.  I played it, and felt it was promising.

This Chinese produced movie lived to the glamorous, treacherous and nifty world of the fashion world while touching the interaction between the characters and their own fight on their struggles.

Vic Chou played the role of a brilliant fashion magazine editor, Patrick (Zhou Xiaohui), who was a protegee of another fashion editor icon, Alex.  When Patrick’s talent go beyond his mentor, he was forced to leave the company and along with an all fashion rejects staff whose potentials were yet to unleash, he built a fashion magazine of his own.

Gaining public interest was hard for the demotivated and scattered characters at first, but with proper motivation and thinking out of the box, they managed to penetrate the bigger scene they were wanting to achieve.

I deemed the story steady and nice but the love story was not evident and that the conflict they were meaning to push, they should have carried because at times it’s really not even there.  So I’m just gonna stick to define this a defying-dream movie  and not a love movie.  I’m happy there was a closure for the envy, proving worth and reaching dreams conflicts in the story, and with that although this is not quite special and spectacular, it did not disappoint me.



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