“PAINED” I thought would be a film full of bitterness and redemption based on its title, but it was not.  It was simply laid and full of heart.
Nam-soon has an inability to feel anything and it comes handy to his job as a debt collector where he occasionally engage in fist fights.  He got the condition after losing his family, the trauma left him numb as he exists.  In one of his collection job, he encounters Nam-hyun, a struggling street vendor of accessories.  He has left her homeless but in their next encounters they inevitably reached out and understood each other’s pain leading him to offer a room to where he lives.  He learned of her hemophilia illness, as she discovered his pain tolerance abnormality.  They soon find themselves in love and Nam-soon decided to give a shot to a different job but when Nam-hyun was admitted to the hospital, he gambled with life again to help her with the expenses, even if she made clear and decided that they have to go separate ways and asked him to be with a healthy person.

This is the first time I saw Kwon Sang Woo as an actor, he felt so human to me that I stayed the rest of the movie.
This was told with no frills attached and in its all natural beauty that I found it sad and yet bracing.

Falling in love and not feeling the bliss but knowing you are happy, and falling in love but you are scared to feel it for fear that it is always short lived were the driving moments of this movie.

 Realistic and emotion-filled, “Pained” will not give you the romantic vibes, but will question your belief on how far would you stake yourself for love.
P.S I googled Nam-soon’s condition,and I learned that it’s congenital, I have to dig deeper if it can really be derived from a traumatic experience.  As for hemophilia, it’s rare for a woman to carry it. Here’s why I love movies, subconsciously it fires up my inner self who loves to learn here and there.


9 thoughts on “Pained Korean Movie Quick Musings (2011)

    1. Hello migda, i dont have a blogg, i just help abby here, i provided all the streaming links for her as she gets all her films/dramas on dd, im from the uk so i chose to stream them.

      Mr Ð

  1. Wow, i got mentioned as if im on some kind of similar Asian drama and cinema god level as you abby, im by no means as good at it as you, i simply say what i think, not seen the above title yet, but will put it on the list, ive started watching a number of J dramas recently, ill let you know what they like.

    Mr Ð

    1. hehe we are both good… that’s why we connected easily.. imagine what we can do if we have so much time.. goodluck with your dorama expedition..

      beaming, abby jediprincess.wordpress.com

  2. I really liked this movie thanks to you I watched it…I love your blog or side idk…you are like my reference to choose what to watch…greetings from Puerto Rico…

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