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As a child grows up, a parallel process occurs to the parents.

It is a sad feeling to be reluctant to get in touch with a longing for love.

I’m running away for as long as I can remember, always looking for something else.

There are letters a person writes without an intention of even sending it.

If love comes, I will take it, and if not I will feel sorry about it, but I will live just the same.

One needs something to believe in.

Develop a need to be always having an idea in life.

Love.   Don’t imagine that you are in love.

It is always painful when your love is never enough for someone.

Life has been a labyrinth full of petty turns, and there’s no Ariadne to help me with the clues.

The trouble is not that we are never happy.   It’s just that happiness happens in episodes.

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