This was my broken hearted pill drama.  The drama that stayed with me while I was moping 5 years ago and resurrected me to try and take a chance on romance again.  I loved Jiang Zhi Shu so much that I have named three puppies of mine after him, but when the third puppy suffered the same fate of death as the first two pups, I have to change to another name and luckily Sangmin worked well.

It’s a simple story full of love and romantic moments.

What Yuan Xiang Qin lacked in intellectual ability, she made it up through her charming ways and positive outlook in life.  She has been secretly loving the born genius Jiang Zhi Shu all her High School life, and on their final year, she mustered all the bravery she can have and confessed her feelings by giving a letter to him, which he didn’t mind looking at all.  When an earthquake hit Xiang Qin’s house they were sheltered by her father’s long lost bestfriend who turned out to be Jiang Zhi Shu’s father.  From there a journey of deflecting a love that was really fated to begin with started, and a once playful kiss eventually lead to a sweet and sometimes laugh trip marriage.

This is a love story that never gave up on love.  At some point Xiang Qin can be really so annoying with her one-sided love, but her determination to do what it takes to get her one true love says all about what love truly is all about.

This is a drama included in my yearly-have-to-revisit-list, and each time I watch it, I’m always filled with love.

ISWAK couple I believe has one of the best onscreen chemistry among all the Asian dramas I’ve seen so far.  I love how their love progressed to cuteness, denial, submission and finally marriage.  It was a delightful reminder of every person’s love story.  The flow of the scenes will make you remember that at some point you were once Xiang Qin or Zhi Shu because of love.

They kiss again cemented my rave to the adorable couple.  Their marriage life was just a big pile of bliss to watch.  The outburst scene of Xiang Qin behind the door still always make me cry when I’m on my usual revisiting.  I must admit that Zhi Shu made me fall for him over and over again in his portrayal, even if he is cold and distant sometimes, he makes it up with his super-ish sweeping my feet love moves.

I read the manga and saw the Japanese and Korean adaptation, but the Taiwan version is still my favorite.  I’m pulling this drama out of my vault because I need some big time perking up.  If you haven’t seen this yet, I strongly recommend to take a plunge on it.


4 thoughts on “The Kiss that Started and never ended in my heart

  1. This is also one of my favorites, and the only show I have rewatched more than twice. I agree that they have the best chemistry of anyone I’ve seen, and it doesn’t hurt that there is a realistic amount of kissing scenes ;}

  2. aw 🙂 super like ko c jinny and michael! 🙂 haha classic chinovela :p made me laugh, cry, smile and dream 🙂

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