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I eat Korean Dramas for breakfast, but today I ate like I’m going to World War 3 just to catch up with all the dramas and be with the finale episodes for this week.

Two of my kdrama sis were already disappointed towards Fashion King’s closure, but I’m yet to comment because I’m slated to watch it tomorrow.  

I can only hope that I won’t held a seance to appeal to the late Joseon Kings for that possible disappointment, but I’m still hopeful because I’m not expecting for a happy ever after ending knowing that all along the tone of the drama is brooding in the darkness side of things.  That’s why I’m attracted to it in the first place, no fantasy element, no utopian outlook… just pure reality of life.

I’m also anticipating Rooftop Prince’s ending as they kinda wane over the remaining episodes. 

I know King2Hearts will not disappoint me, the writer so far has been taking his vitamins religiously, he need not be reminded to go with the flow.



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