Or so I think.  I’m having a princess moment yet again here.

King 2 Hearts was staged in a quasi-utopian Korean world where the North and South Koreans are sort of in peaceful communicating terms.  The current monarch Lee Jae King is pushing for dream unification but has to face barriers from opposing regions as well as big corporation.  His first step to attain his goal is a joint participation of officers from the two regions to the upcoming World Officer Championship (WOC), a tactical-military-team-game participated by countries acclaimed for their military service.  To spice up things, the King decided to include his prince brother Lee Jae Ha to the joint training for the upcoming event to his refusal given his easy-go-lucky and bum nature.  But because his luxurious life was the bargaining point, he was left no choice but to succumb to his hyung’s order.

His future lead girl is a North Korean general’s daughter, Kim Hang Ah, is a trained assassins specializing in bombs.  Her martial prowess is over the top that even men in her field evaded her.   Hang Ah’s line of work has been a liability in her search of ever-after as the men set up with her can’t bear her strong nature.  In desperation she agreed to participate as Northies’ delegate for WOC when her commanding officer stated an offer she can’t resist – that is to give her a man of her choice.

Soon the forced prince and the love seeker lady soldier meet up and start on a wrong foot when the training commenced as their culture differences become evident.  The slacking prince is causing delays to the enhancement program so the Northies use their commanding presence to make him focus to what they are intending to do, but his devilish side picks up fast and is able to reverse the situation by targeting Hang Ah’s yearning for a man she can love.  He plays with what she trusted to him and wounded her vulnerability.  They settle their dispute by treadmill running, and when they are in the brink of giving up, they are commanded not to halt because of a bomb planted inside the treadmill.  Drained with sweat and exhaustion the bomb squad successfully disarmed the weapon and the cat-and-mouse couple in time engaged in do-i-like-you-or-not- game.  The eventual love came to pass but they have to deal with the sporadic wrath of a psychopath-billionaire-evil-than-Voldy Bong-gu as well as the literal line that separates them.

King2hearts has always been polished, calculated but never failing to entice and push me to my assumed outcomes. That being said, what I applaud about this drama is how it seems predictable but will prove the viewers otherwise. But I would have wanted a different closure for Bong-gu… I could think of a lot of possible evil ways to end him because I was closed to calling the Criminal Minds team to help the North and South pin him down because of so much annoyance. Seriously I think they are now tired of having the male leads fought over the lead girl, so they are killing the second lead now… give way to the new face of the second-lead syndrome… It was a perfect Korean drama for the second quarter, all criteria were met… began well and ended with conviction. King 2 Hearts you are officially nominated on my Best Korean Drama this year.

I would also like to add Rich’s take on King 2 Hearts.  He is my newest dongsaeng.  I also just watched the end of King 2 Hearts, all im going to say is the last episodes really messed up what i thought was going to happen but still a fitting end, being able to watch as Hang Ah & Jae Ha’s relationship build throughout all the obvious pressure against it was great, also seeing Jae Ha develop and mature throughout the series was great to watch, from a sniveling childlike man to an all-powerful king, oh and if you want a perfect insane villain, look no further than the actor Yoon Je Moon, he is also in a tree with deep roots, plays the evil guy amazingly well, Amazing drama, time well worth spending to watch =)

Probably going to end up being my favorite drama of 2012.  (I won’t bet on that Rich, I said that to Moon that Embraces the Sun, and there they go gave me King 2 Hearts.  *wink)


6 thoughts on “King 2 hearts and my heart that the King first chose

  1. I’m sorry for butting in, but now, after I rewatch and rewatch again and I think Ifinally understand what is the point of Shi Kyung’s death, I think I need to spread the words, particularly for us who feel disappointed with that turned card please check my comment in #364:

    and some trivia, why Bong Gu can bailed out, in reality, ICC isn’t that strong,there are limitness of ICC, and more: US isn’t a member of ICC, look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_and_the_International_Criminal_Court and here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Criminal_Court I have difficult time to read the article, but that’s what I can say.

    I’ll be really glad if you mind to pour your insight in dramabeans, the comment thread still alive anyway until now ^^

    1. Hi there… I can only say that you have to blame my “happy-ending-craving-spirit” thus making me disappointed on Shi-kyung’s death, but I know that his sacrifice was needed in the drama. I read dramabeans, I also follow javabeans and the rest of recappers through twitter… I’m not posting comments there because of the long trail to read (lazy girl here I’m sorry *chuckles) and because of time constraints. Take care and I appreciate the comment.

    2. @jediprincess: no, really. I just wanna tell about the logic of Shi Kyung’s death, because it does really bitter, even for me 🙂 Thanks for your review by the way

      1. no worries here… shikyung’s death delivered one of the best scenes in the drama… it left my eyes damp because of so much crying… appreciate the warm response… let’s hope to see shikyung oppa in another drama, i look forward to another face of him… ^_^

  2. I think the writers were sadists to kill off Shi Kyung – 1 minute after we are all yelling cause Mia bought it. And his death was pointless, cause the ICC just let Bong-Gu out on bail.
    And I think they should have fed Bong Gu to crocodiles – ones that aren’t that hungry so they just take a nibble hear and there. 😀
    Although, there was never a real second lead as in rival for Hang Ah’s heart. Shi Kyung was always the Princess’ man. (I really really wanted them to get married and maybe even for Jae Ha to step down and Jae Shin become Queen – Shi Kyung would have made a great king/prince consort).
    most importantly, I wanted them to get their happily ever after.

    1. well said karen, thank you for sharing your insights… shi-kyung’s death was really pointless.. he stood out effectively as a supporting lead that I drool more over him than jae-ha… I can only imagine what befitting ending k2h viewers have imagined for bong gu.. definitely wicked just like his character that’s for sure.. we have so much to digest in this drama, they surged with romantic conflicts without withdrawing the essentials, and they were able to maintain the pace alongside the story.. that which I think moon that embraces the sun didn’t achieve.. ^_^

      beaming, abby jediprincess.wordpress.com

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