City Hunter, can you hunt my heart?

This action-filled series was definitely all business.  The reckless City Hunter left me awe-struck and wanting to be kidnapped and wishing he would rescue me.

Lee Min Ho playing devil-may-care-ass-kicking-casanova was enough not to scroll down the teaser and go straight on board the drama.  I should know.  I did.

Raised by his dad’s bestfriend, Lee Jin Pyo,  Lee Yoon-sung grew up living an extensive superhero training to avenge his real father’s death in the future.  His father was assigned to a covert mission to North Korea with Jin Pyo but the government officials turned their backs on them and have them assassinated.  Using his body, Yoon-sung’s father sheltered Jin-pyo and was able to survive.  He vowed right there and then that the people involved to that massacre will pay someday.  With that he stole his bestfriend’s son and raised him as his own in Thailand.

Fully-grown and with exceptional martial arts and other super-heroic prowess, Yoon-sung landed to Seoul to bring to pass his father’s dream.  He was able to penetrate the Blue House posing as an IT expert and set to execute the plans.  Jin-pyo warned him not to delve on any love interlude but then Kim Na Na happened, and no matter how much he tried to dismiss it he just kept on drowning.

Conflict between the father and son arose when Yoon-sung’s convictions differed from Jin-pyo’s death wishes to the government officials who abandoned them.  Whilst City Hunter preferred justice to be executed and served properly, Jin-pyo wanted a dark ending for the involved officials.

With a pinch of romance, gorgeous fight scenes and definitive plot, City Hunter raised the bar to action drama set in modern times.  The nifty plot left life lessons and each episode was done where the tussles did not exhaust the viewers but left them wanting for more.

It was leaning more on the masculine side so rose petals showers are not to be expected that much in here.  But of course Lee Min Ho is still something to drool with and his performance was really plausible and stellar portraying a modern day justice server.  Move over Avengers!  *giggles

Directing and editing wise, this is one of those dramas which knew how to pull cliff hangers even to the finale episode where the hate-you-love-you character of Jin-pyo showed a befitting redemption.  I really thought his dark heart will not be swayed otherwise and that finale scene sent me moping reminiscing Vader saving Luke when the remaining inconspicuous goodness in his heart reminded him that he was his son regardless.  

The main character ensembles were so buffed making the story ever moving and exciting.  I wonder how Nana bear and Yoon-sung turned real life lovers when the intimate scenes were not that much, so okay I’ll credit it to love.  The show stopper “ajussi” and his online shopping addiction made me look like an occasional shopper.  The other dark apprentice was also oozingly hot orchestrating ruckus for City Hunter.  I liked that Kim Nana was also strong-willed and that he didn’t go to the usual sometimes mopey and always looking for a rescue lead woman.

Overall, this is a drama that will satisfy your cravings and your mind maunderings.  It was exceptionally done and a must see Kdrama delight.


2 thoughts on “City Hunter, I’m Okay If You Will Hunt My Heart

  1. i love this movie so much. i have one like this at home. when i don’t do anything i look out for the movie and watch it and if i the neighbor take it i’ll go and get it back when they are finish watching it.

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