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In a love intertwining tale that involved the main leads parents’ unfated first love interlude, Seo Joon and Jung Hana have struggled to forget their feelings for each other to give way to their parents’ unfinished romance (Seo In-ha and Kim Yoon-hee). 

A famous photographer, Seo Joon bumped with Jung Ha Na when he was in Japan for a photo-shoot, her mobile phone accidentally slipped on his jacket so she was left no choice but to trail him to get the device back.  Wanting to get a scenery inspiration for a project he’s working, he got an idea after watching something on Hana’s phone, and from watching the “Diamond Snow” their romance started to unfold.   Hana who was shortly disappointed after learning her crush was engaged was rescued back by Joon who was also confused on how he started to like her.  Eventually with Seo Joon’s sweet moves Hana and I were swept off our feet by him.  But then his father’s undying first love was revealed so he had to let her go even if it pains him, because her mother was his father’s first love.  Hana who was heavily smitten didn’t want to surrender on their love and when she eventually learned of the reason why he turned his back on her, she made a choice to have her mother be happy again even it broke her heart.

Flashback to In-ha and Yoon-hee’s love affair.  The two met when they were in college, In-ha was literally in love at first sight when he saw Yoon-hee for the first time.  In 3 seconds his world changed but his bestfriend also fell from the same girl.  Their friendship circle included another girl who will be Seo Joon’s future mom and quasi-villain.  It was a pathetic kind of love for her all along not being able to get the love of the man she has loved all her life. 

It’s comforting to have light villains for this drama, well after a parade of annoying opposing people, this drama was a breather.  She’s still annoying but you will understand why.  Love can make people not see reasons and will claim their personal love afflictions as justification to spite those who hindered in their love quest.  Having said that, it’s very true on Joon’s mother and she going Miranda on her ex-husband and Hana’s meek and overly patient mother with the old couple just letting her do it her style was at some point tiring, and yet I don’t have a choice but accept it because it goes with the plot.

It was a “first love” drama festival that made me wept plenty of tears.  I always cry when the lead man is left no choice but to hurt the lead girl for some reason I don’t understand.  The director really made the scenes in such a way that it will hit your emotions.

This is leaning in the feminine side, if Fashion King is masculine and full of angst; Love Rain is your typical sweet submissive girl.

I liked that this drama has only one conflict – how to defy your parents’ love to get your one true love… I know what barrier they will have to break and I was excited on how they would be able to overcome it.

 So the eventual Joon’s mom ‘s disapproval was already expected, that supporting problem was already expected but when they clung on the sickness conflict in the end to sustain the “you-can’t-be-together” hindrance in the storyline, it made the drama even simpler, and I didn’t like it.  There’s just more to problems than sickness.  I bet Romeo and Juliet didn’t like it either. 

I got my closure when Hana claimed Seo Joon again… that “I want to be with you” scene was done so bravely sweet, I would want it to happen to me someday.  There were a lot of romantic scenes in this drama, heartfelt if I may say… and hitting straight to my heart. 

I loved that Hana is vulnerable and loved it more when she’s defiant.  I loved that Joon is sensitive and loved it more whenever he assumed that lead man character you can’t help but drool with.

Love Rain… less the oldies’ side love story turned eventual conflict you made me smile and somehow you let romance rain… You are relaxing and very eye-pleasing to watch… you may not be the best romance drama yet so far this year, there’s a lot of opportunities to insert romantic interludes and took out unnecessary story arc… but hey, I did took time watching you…  and for that I blame it to your sweet and simple love take. 

Coming from the director who gave the “season dramas” (Autumn in my Heart and the rest of the bunch), you are worth the hype even if some of the adorable scenes I already saw from other dramas.  What stood out in this drama was the beautiful cinematography as what the director’s trademark is and of course this is Jang Geun Seok’s way of bouncing back to my boyfriends’ list after the disappointing ride with Mary.  You are soothing and serene… a nice watch when you want some time to be alone.  ^_^


  1. Opa jang geun suk..i love you..and I hope the rumor is not true .. and I’d love to see you the next drama

  2. i think that yoona and ji won nunas are my 2 favorite ladies =) with Jun ji hyun & moon geun young close behind, What dramas do you have in progress at the moment Abby? im currently watching –
    – Reply 1997
    – Faith
    – 1000th man
    – Arrang and the magistrate
    – Miss ripley

    I have not been keeping up with my “watched” list so i have a bunch missing from it at the moment, will try and update

    Much Love
    Mr Ð

    • I will write my review on ghost later, and will start on dr. jin nx wk.. I’m not going to watch currently airing dramas yet until the 3rd wk of this month.. I will watch movies on Monday..

      beaming, abby


    • I also like Yoona and Jang Geun Seok and they have great chemistry on screen… I don’t think he is gay. Be safe.
      -jediprincess ^_^

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