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It was a steady 28th year… no frills, no thrills… just calm and serene.  So I’m intending to break the monotony.  The regulars on my life will stay the same, and some things I really have to disregard convincingly.

Going to the last year of my 20’s, I have to be sure to place my feet on the right ground.   I have to be sure to place my trust on the right people and I have to be sure to place my heart on the right place.  I have to be firm with all of these.

So here’s what I so far learned in the past 28 years…


The heart will never be broken once.

Limit the number of your friends, but be open for connections.

Finding faults and blaming others are signs of weakness.

Your family will never get tired of loving you.

Crying relieves woes and fears.

Create a diversion when you are not happy but you are bound to do something.

Always be thankful.

Be firm on your decisions.

Be open for options.

You’ll learn something new each day. 

Don’t demand something that you can’t give.

The test of true friendship is when you have unspoken ways of saying “iloveyou” and “imissyou”.

There are really apologies that you deserve but you won’t get in your life.

Don’t marry someone because you are old enough, marry someone because of love.

If you are smart, or great or whatever superior someone you claim to be, you have to wait for the audience to acknowledge it.

Life always loves back.

Make sure you become all the man/woman you can be.

Before you decide to go back to someone you left behind, think of how much it took him to let you go.

It takes a strong person to apologize, and a stronger person to forgive.

Never date someone who is too useful to be an “ex”.

You deserve more than a half-hearted “iloveyou”.

Only the brave can let go.

It takes a lot of courage to share your dreams with someone.


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