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Rest first before celebration and unwinding and I’m praying that my plans will not be thwarted by the weather. I spent my day watching movies, writing, flirting with Sangmin and Kenshin and having quality time with my father. He played the guitar this afternoon, and lovingly, I stared at him. On dinner, he asked if botox is really effective and if the local politicians who got it really looked younger now. He named a few, and I’m not going to underestimate his radio turning google at night time anymore. He blabbered about MacArthur being classmates with Yamashita before they rival in World War and even gossiped that Yamashita was a better student. I asked him how many girlfriends he had, and he replied quite a lot but most of them are flings. *giggles I asked what his ex-gf’s look like, and he said mostly tall and charming. I concluded he must have liked tall girls, and he grinned and muttered that “tall girls like him”. Now I know were I got my mischief makings. *wink I had a house date with my father today and it was so love and life resonating. All I’m wishing each year coming, is that my mother and father to be there. I have been doing the things I love, learning a lot, and creating as much memories as I can. I’m blessed to have a loving family and wonderful people around me. I’M 29 and I FEEL SO LOVED. *wink  ^_^ *abby@29

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