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I have to halt my Hangul classes to finish all my pending movies and dramas to watch in the next 100 days.  I’ll be lingering here at wordpress for an indefinite time to release pent up emotions at work.

Every day at work feels like a relationship in the brink of breaking up.  After every shift, I felt like all the love in my body was drained.

I’m watching Ghost/Phantom, and so far this gripping cyberworld investigation drama is leaving me awestruck and wanting to marry a hacker.  *giggles 

This broke the love spell drama pilgrimage lately and I’m sure will be keeping me patient should Dr. Jin live to its recent mediocre reviews.

Lately I’m having headaches with people I don’t have a choice but to understand… I just hope that somewhere along wherever they may be going, a rock of “sense” might hit their feet so that they can see reasons right in front of their face.  I can’t be cloned so it’s tiring to give all that I’m not supposed to let go.  Sometimes I don’t want to follow the golden rule because people have tendencies to be so abusive.  I’m always surprise and disheartened when I meet people whose vileness are incomparable, and then they would be able to surprise me that they have still room to be worse than it.

Ownership… I like that in a person and when a person claims something that is rightfully his I applaud it very much.  So when I got a response from a mind maundering I threw, and the recipient recognized that he was the one I was talking about and got mad at it (that’s understandable), I was in  awe because he really acknowledged it subconsciously.  He could have denounced it but he claimed it, and thus making me pity him even more. 

In companies, to make it successful, the head should hire people more intelligent than him same goes with your interacting with people… if you want to grow as a person you have to be with people you can learn something with.  But I hate it when someone tends to overrate himself.  Being all-knowing should be done in moderation and should always be supported with proof of your claim.  It would even be better to wait for other people to applaud if you are thinking of yourself so highly.

So there goes my sense and sensing ability drama announcing my comeback to my happy place.

Later I promise to go back to my sweet and happy blogging…  -jediprincess ^_^


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