2011’S feel good romantic-young-love-reminiscing drama was “You’ve Fallen For Me aka Heartstrings”.  It caused me to miss a day’s work because it was so addictively enchanting. 

Heartstrings was a simply narrated love tale of how love bloomed in the sweetest way that almost all people who fell in love with can totally relate.  With the prince-like-guitar-guy who can make any girl feels so giddy-ish, I was sent back to my teenager years pretending I’m a member of a groupie.

Lee Shin was a campus heartthrob and the leader of a modern music department band’s Stupid.  Lee Kyu Won, a student from traditional music department plays a gayageum and is the leader of Windflower.  She was also the granddaughter of a famed traditional music singer and thus her music upbringing was inclined to antediluvian rhythms.  In order to raise fund to help their professor who was currently in the hospital, she invited “Stupid band” to perform with them but on the day of their joint event Lee Shin failed to come because his sister was brought to the hospital. 

Lee Kyu Won was forced to sing in lieu of the missing vocalist and the growing animosity he felt toward Lee Shin began.  She was sighted by a famous musical director, Kim Suk Hyun, in her performance and little did she know that it will change her preference in the near someday.


Still annoyed by being stood up by Lee Shin, the two band leaders concurred to a showdown of instruments and performance having an enslavement agreement at stake for the winner.  “Stupid” played their usual gorgeous rocking music, but “Windflower” surprised the audience and would have knocked it down but Lee Kyu Won’s gayageum’s string broke, thus making the boys winner of the spectacle. 


Lee Kyu Won became Lee Shin’s errand girl, bringing him coffee, attending his classes and attending to all the rest of my boyfriend’s boyish whims.  Now Lee Shin is on a one-sided-love with a dance teacher, Jung Yoon-Soo in the school who used to be a famous ballerina but got into an accident and was forced to leave her ballet dreams. 


Now the school festival approached so a musical presentation was planned to be shown, and spearheading the production was Suk-hyun who was also Yoon-soo’s ex-boyfriend.  When Lee Shin got the realization that his one sided love was just a part of growing up, Lee Kyu Won also realized she’s falling in love for the first time.

Suk-hyun who saw Kyu-won’s potential when she sang with Stupid encouraged her to audition for the musical, together with the Windflower girls they got in but Kyu-won was chosen to become the understudy if in case the main female lead won’t be able to perform.  Stupid and Windflower were tasked to arrange the music for the production so that means more time for Kyu-won and Lee Shin to be together.  Just when Kyu-won was almost giving up to her one sided love with Lee Shin, my boyfriend realized her existence and commanded her initially not to stop liking him.  Kyu-won’s pride was hurt and rejected the love she was wishing to have, but when Lee Shin attempted to win her heart again in “the stars are witness” kind of persuasion, the love bound couple together created heart fluttering TV memories when they finally acknowledged each other.

The conflicts were simple, but the characters were charming and refreshing hence anyone who has watched it have eventually became addicted.  Living up to its title, it was not just stringed with love but brimming with romance.  Lee Shin haunted me sweetly in my dreams and has caused me to ditch a day at work, and who wouldn’t?  A sight of a boy playing his guitar and singing like Apollo was just too much for a woman.

You’ve Fallen For Me didn’t have an intellect stimulating kind of vibe, it’s a comfort food kind of drama that you always get when you are suffering for some kind of emotional concern you can’t provide a name for.  *wink  This has been one of the best young romance I’ve seen mainly because Lee Shin and Kyu-won has achieved a chemistry that was so heartfelt you get to remember the first time you ever have that loving feeling.


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