Watching Skipbeat! was a pleasant experience.  It was perky and fun and didn’t deviate much from the manga and the anime production.  That’s why maybe I took time to watch it, it played safe while playing on the strength of the characters.  The characters were able to live up to their persona, but there’s still room for improvement and sometimes chemistry was delayed.  The hero-worship and I secretly-love-a-girl-younger-than-me plot were enough to keep you following… to be honest I followed because of Si Won oppa.

Gong Xi moved in to the city and was working three day jobs to support the high-end place she rented with childhood friend and love interest, Bu Po Shang.  All her life she stood beside Bu Po Shang who has been wanting to pursue a singing career in the city.  His father strongly opposed the idea but in his stubbornness, he set off to claim his dream. 

When he finally reached stardom, he overlooked the girl who left with her to fulfill his dreams and cast her away.  Gong Xi accidentally overheard Bu Po Shang’s remark of how he has been using her all along and from then on pledged that she will also enter showbizness to be even famous than him.

To do this she auditioned to be part of a talent artist company and met Dun He Lian, the current top actor in the land.  Her hardwork and acting prowess surprised the people around her and has landed her contracts despite being put to a special section of artists needing to understand their motivation on being an actor.  Meanwhile cold-hearted Dun He Lian who was just focusing on his acting career slowly grew fond of her.  Gong Xi was not aware that he was the same boy who would stop her crying when she was a little girl. 

The story was well moving at a pace that held my interest but it was sort of weak in developing the sub conflicts.  The story mostly centered at Gong Xi and then to her relationship with Dun He Lian.  There was not much confrontation between the love triangle and I was hoping for hell hath no fury when a woman get scorned scenes for reasons that the main conflict was supposed to be vengeance driven.  Considering that I already know what the story about, it will be a challenge to watch it but it has manage to grasp my attention only because of Si Won.

The ending was a sure miss.  Unfortunately, I was asking the spirits around me if it was really “the end”, and when I got no response, I was forced to accept it.  I would say they did it because the focus is  not really for Gong Xi finding love but realizing that she has also her dreams and her successfully owning it was the pivotal moment of the drama.  But you know, a little cutesies and a real kiss scene or an open possibility that the feeling was mutual with Gong Xi and Dun He Lian would have mad the watchers happy.  That’s the reason why I won’t rave much to Skip beat.  It won’t hurt your time if you watch it.



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