It was light, refreshing and full of hope and dreams.  The character development will slowly and surely capture you and strangely this was one of the warmest drama I’ve seen for 2011.  .  It may be slow moving but you will end up loving the story.

Lee So Young, was a 34-year old woman who has set aside her dream of being a fashion designer to stand as the breadwinner in the family.  She was given an opportunity to have her dream but she has to pretend she’s 9 years younger.   Given her youthful loom she was able to assume her sister’s identity and has worked her way to create an impressive expression through her designs. 

She worked with Choi Jin Wook in the designing team who thought she was younger than him.  The latter fell in love with So-young but because of her age apprehensions she can’t fully give in to return the emotions she’s also feeling with him.

The design competitions, the annoying she-devils-wearing-prada, the unfailing optimism and the typical story enveloped with effective and evoking acting were the reasons why I remained steady and raving about this true beauty.

The surging of the romance was well placed and of course you can never go wrong on the main lead doing all that he can for the girl he loves kind of plot.  The inhibition of So-young falling in love with a man younger than her, and the insisting spirit of a man who wanted to defy the May-December affair were the main entertainment value to the romantic presence of the story. 

The she-villains pulled their evil strings to spite the fashion designer Cinderella.  The comic, the fun, the drama and the competing vibes were ever present throughout the story that even if it was leaning mostly on tugging-hindering-the-dreams-of-the-main-lead I picked this story on my 2011 drama favorites.

It’s a nice watch with your mother.  It’s a reflective watch alone.  Sweet and Very Positive… This is a box of treats that will make you feel good and melancholic.


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