I was beaming and smiling and was so amused while watching this endearing father-and-son movie.  A heartwarming film full of a father’s love to his good-natured but feeble-minded child and a friendship so sweet, it will make you reminisce your childhood memories.

Dong-gu has been the resident water boy of his class.  He loves doing it even if his classmates constantly make fun of him.  His being half-witted was discussed to his father by his teacher and the principal, but his father still refused to enroll him at a school for special children mainly because Dong-gu is used to following routines, and going to that school has been part of that routine.

Annoyed by Dong-gu’s being simple-minded, his class partner put a frog inside the water kettle, not realizing what has happened, his teacher scolded him and from then on, a water dispenser replaced Dong-gu’s favorite water kettle.

I didn’t realize I was already crying when Dong-gu confronted the water dispenser.  Angry at something who has taken out the only thing that is making him recognized by his classmates, he threw punches at it for hurting his young heart.

While little Dong-gu is having a hard time at school, his father was also facing a predicament because their house which was pawned when Dong-gu’s mother was sick 5 years ago will be taken away from them soon if they won’t be able to raise a money to claim it back.

Then one day, Dong-gu saw a baseball player holding a water kettle, his slow-witted brain processed a miraculous idea and found himself imposing as the new water boy of the baseball team.   When one of the players quitted his position, the coach made Dong-gu one of his players.  The next day Dong-gu attended his class wearing his baseball uniform, and were teased by his classmates who can’t believe that a no-brainer would understand the concept of baseball, but his class partner has had enough of their classmates making fun of Dong-gu, so he stood up for him and from then he threw away the hesitations of taking in a slow person as a friend, and started to be Dong-gu’s bestfriend.

While having the problems of securing the possession of their house, Dong-gu’s father was also suspected of having a cancer.  The coach was also on pressure because of their upcoming game and Dong-gu who can’t still hit the ball was almost cut out from the team if not for his best friend stepping in to take responsibility of coaching him. 

Dong-gu tends to close his eyes when the ball approaches so he can’t hit it, but then one day while he was playing with the raindrops, his best friend got an idea.

He taught him the concept of “BUNT” in baseball.  This is a baseball technique where the hitter taps the ball so it would roll a short distance and would advance the base runners.  They kept practicing it in the hopes that it will be of great use in their upcoming match.

Then came Dong-gu’s first baseball game…  It was a fairly played game, and as the players and coaches feel the pressure, our little Dong-gu was still clueless of what’s happening.  Their team was behind a point in the closing inning, and when the player before Dong-gu refused to hit because he was not feeling well, the coach begged him to just hit it one more time.  In the end, he didn’t hit the pitches which put the next batter, our Dong-gu on position.  Dong-gu failed to hit the first two pitches, and while his coach-best-friend encouraged him… and in slow-climaxing-moment, the last ball was pitched, and Dong-gu tapped the bat to it and ran as much as he can.  With base runners realizing what the little hero has done they were able to reach home base and emerged victorious over their competitors.

At the closing scenes, Dong-gu was seen walking and using the baseball bases as his guide to reach their new home.  His father was also cleared from cancer and the father and son lived happily ever after.

Bunt was certainly a gladdening and encouraging movie experience.  Full of inspiring and beautiful lessons about parenthood, friendship and believing in yourself.   Even the humor was edifying, and you will just find yourself immersed in the story, cheering for Dong-gu… cheering for everything that will make him happy.


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