If Hogwarts has “Hall of Prophecy” I have my very own “Hall of Abby”… This is where I placed my drama hall-of-famers… drama pills that can resurrect me from unnecessary melancholy or can clear my decision-making ability when it comes to love surfing.  I present you “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” – the drama that changed my belief that sageuk presentations are not fun.  A bromance-filled tale incorporating a touch of traditional Korean history and way of living made the series so riveting, you will find yourself insatiable with the charm it has cast upon you… 


Sungkyunkwan Scandal was a Hana Kimi-Boys-Over-Flower-fusion set in the Joseon era.  Bearing the weight of being the bread winner of her family after her father’s death and because her younger brother was sickly, Kim Yeon-hee has assumed her sick brother’s identity and has been working as a scribe in a book store.   



When financial constraint hit their family, she temporarily choked her personal convictions, and agreed to sit on the entrance exam on behalf of an aspiring Sungkyunkwan student, but another aspiring upright Sungkyunkwan scholar learned of her intentions and moved by her interesting character, he managed to have her entered the school which was then exclusive for boys.  From then her adventures in making a stand and enforcing “girl power” while hiding her true identity has stirred an addictive story full of love, determination and friendship.



Yoon-hee’s warm, clever and pleasant personality has earned her a niche in the school and has made her friends with the rebel senior students Jae-shin and his rich-trendsetter-bestfriend  Goo Yong-ha.  These four completed one of the most quirkiest-you-can’t-help-but-swoon-quartet I have ever gazed on.  Their exploits will make you crave for more of them while they play on your TV screen.



Together with the all-knowing-debonair Goo Yong Ha, reliable-strong willed Moon Jae-shin and determination induced and smart-ish Lee Sun Joon, they will help the King in his quest to build a nation that will value the nurturing of potentials of each individual as well as the equality of each person that was not evident at that time.


The main conflicts of the story surrounded on political issues happening in their time, as these Sungkyunkwan scholars were vouched by the King to help him in his vision of a new Joseon era.   Aside from the obvious hana-kimi conflict of Yoon-hee’s trapped identity, the rest of the boys’ struggled due to their social status woes and loyalty to the King.
This was the first fusion sageuk drama that appealed to my wandering love veins. Another F4 spectacle where the hotties sported their traditional looks in a so endearing way. These debonairs were all the girl can ask for and more.
I’m not a fan of sageuk drama prior to watching SKKS.  A girl-pretending-a-boy-because-of-an-urgent reason is not something new for me as well, but I was blown away by the progress of the story and the build up of the love yarn.  I can’t help but love this drama each episode I was watching.  It was so addictive and full of ardent sentiments, and I was even surprised to have felt that way considering I denounced it first when I learned of what the setting was, but hey, I ate my words and it hit me big time with the sweetest vengeance.  


This is where I suffered the most mind-boggling Second-Lead-Man syndrome, in the end the second-lead prevailed.  I’m just a girl… I’m weak… and a stubborn Yoo Ah In, who can transform to a night-Robinhood-lazy-by-day-Rebel, and not to add that he’s really knight-in-shining-armor hot… what am I supposed to do?  Even by just standing there, he’s really making me sigh and wishing and hoping and making me think of a lot of things I can do with him.  Pardon me, I got so engrossed when I talk of Moon Jae Shin, who wouldn’t?  Not that the lead man was not appealing.   He was, he suited perfectly in the love entanglement, I just have a thing for “bad guys” you see they love deeper and you always remember how they loved.



This is a kind of school life every girl wished for, having three gorgeous men as your friends and even two fighting for your heart.  Despite the political strain conflict, what I loved most on Sungkyunkwan was that it was full of optimism and the bravery of the characters stood alone making each of their portrayals worth remembering. 



The heart fluttering scenes which were set in a not so modern way got me swooning and giddy-ish I would have made a boyfriend right there and then around that time because of so much love vibes I got from the adorable lead couple and the one-sided romance of Jae-shin. 



This is a perky period drama oozing with vibrancy and resonance.  Considering the setting was in traditional times, they were able to execute love melting and love sighing scenes while studying in the library, getting stranded inside a wooden elevator, and all the rest of those happy moments shared by the Sungkyunkwan Scholars. 



The romantic scenes laid were the kind of sweet moments that when you tell your friends, you get transported back to the moment when you were actually watching it. *promise  This is really a darling to spend your time on.  This is a kdrama addiction trigger that might catch you off guard… consider you’re forewarned.  –jediprincess♡♡♡




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