Dear Lee Min Ho,

You are god’s gift to women.  If we can bottle you up, we will be free from mood swings, heartaches and all the rest of unexplained emotions men rarely understand.  Seriously, like every close-up shot zoomed in your newest drama drew ohs and ahhs from me.  We are really meant to be!  *giggles

I will be having a hard time on my year-end drama ratings and the reason for that would be because of this beautiful warrior and modern doctor love story set in the latter part of Korean history’s Goryeo period.  I love this drama not because of Lee Min Ho *lightning strikes*… *giggles nah, but seriously there’s a lot of excellent dramas shown this year but Faith was a complete package that I felt so Jerry Maguire-ish all throughout my drama stalking.

It was not as polished and calculated as City Hunter or Ghost, in fact it was sort of slow moving but it was moving to a direction where it was making the viewers joined the drama production… cheering for them, feeling each of the character’s pain, engrossed with the happy moments and frustrated with the inability to end the villains vile ways.  To make it simple, Faith was successful in establishing a connection that will not make it forgettable.

Choi Young, the strong and steamy hot Woodalchi warrior was a General serving the Goryeo King.  His last mission before embarking to his dream of becoming a bummer was to escort the new King and his queen that was held hostage by the Yuan Empire.  The opposing forces tried as much as they can to have the King not reach the palace.  They were unsuccessful with their intention but were able to harm the queen.  Should the queen die, Goryeo will be facing Sauron’s eye because the queen was a Mongolian Yuan empire princess so the King desperate to find a cure to salvage the wounded queen resorted to an urban legend of a famous doctor who just suddenly disappeared.  He commanded the General, Choi Young of the Royal family’s elite soldiers to go to the Heaven’s Door to bring the doctor. 

Choi Young bravely went to the portal and what they thought to be a heavenly place turned out to be modern day Gangnam city in Korea where he found Yoo Eun Soo, a plastic surgeon.  Not realizing and buying the craziness of the whole deal I guess, the general grabbed the doctor to Goryeo period to fulfill the King’s command with a promise that he will return the abducted doctor.

But complications arose when the news of a doctor from heaven swept the Kingdom, the wily Prince Gi Cheol, who has sworn brothers and sisters with supernatural abilities wanted Yoo Eun Soo for his invincibility dreams.

The major conflicts were mainly divided to the political assertions and the save-the-doctor-struggle in the winding part of the drama.  The main character Choi Young, weary but bound to his responsibility to the king was always resolved in prioritizing him, and it has pained him that he cannot protect the love of his life.  When his inability to wield his sword struck in the home stretch I was so worried that they may not get an ever-after, so when he went back to his nothing-fazes-me attitude and went Kenshin Himura to all the people who has been blocking the road to happiness with his woman, I just told myself that it’s really not a bad idea to be single as long as this man will always be there on the TV screen.

The time-travelling doctor was the source of zest and held the magical twist in the story.  At the latter part I enjoyed immensely the sweet nothings and the lines she shared with Choi Young, but it doesn’t erased the fact that Lee Min Ho has now proven that he can carry a drama by himself.  In all fairness Eun-soo was able to give justice to the general-in-the-black-and-grey-armor love connection she shared with Choi Young through her vibrant attitude.  She was strong and serene at the same time and avoided the lead girl theatrics of always wanting to be rescued, instead her steadfast love patiently found its way to the man of her life.

Eun-soo who was actually the wandering doctor they were really looking for on the onset of the series has traveled through time in the hopes of fulfilling her fated love with the dashing General.  She lost her way many times, and in her sojourns prior to her eventual meeting of Choi Young has left clues for her future self which she was not aware of on the presumed present time. 

Assimilating the action plot with the supernatural spices and decorating it with folklore, having a band of villains equipped with mojos and x-men powers, a sassy and bubbly modern day doctor that was lost cutely to a new kind of living she was forced to live and of course the Thor-ish General who made my Kenshin Himura looked so inferior… were the essentials that made this drama such an enthralling TV experience.  The provocative plot matches the annoying villain assaults and the firm, arresting retaliation of the underdogs.  I know that goodness will prevail in the end, and I’m so looking forward to how the protagonists will take their final stand considering how smooth the pounces were of the bad guys.

This year most of the things in kdramaland involved paranormal activities and strongly portrayed characters.  A k-drama-addict like me was preoccupied year long because of the devastating beauties I had to uncover.  Having Lee Min Ho in this drama really triggered my adoration, but more than that it was really the effective way of how the drama sweetly chained my easily bored self by presenting an astonishing picture of a balanced treatment between the characters and the narrative.  The story was there to make the characters shine as the characters made the story span.

Our lead couple Choi Young and Eun Soo came from different time and extremely different personalities, but they have nailed their romantic scenes so perfectly…  the loving gazes, the watching each other while asleep, the cheeky arguments, the no-matter-what-I’ll-protect-you-assurances and the love that was fated to happen was a convincing and fetching depiction of love that can surpass reasons and beyond reasons.

A drama moving through political governance contention and draped by the traditional settings normally sets a serious tone, but how the heroes and the villains pulled the tricks on their sleeves eased out the ambiance to set an immersing watch.

The baddies who were at a fight-club mood all the time has brought out the best of the protagonists.  They had a firm atmosphere that never wavered its proportion all throughout even at those times when the narration was at a billowing pace after the first 4 episodes of setting the mood of the story.

Faith is a remarkable premeditated tale albeit the consistent dawdling and sageuk clichés.  It successfully notched the path where it was directing the audience to – hope, holding on faith and feeling real happiness.  Faith’s ability to balance the transcendent elemental nonsense was plausible and cohering to how it mounted to the story’s peak.

The back to the future arc linked the primary message and the title of the drama – FAITH.  Every essence of it and how a person should have faith to claim the love he deserves.  “Was I lacking of my yearning to see him or was I lacking faith?”  This was a very strong line I remembered from the drama and has pierced directly to my romantic veins. 

For people who expect an ending with a kiss to seal it, the closing scene might looked like “that’s it?”, but the meaningful smile of the two people who fell in love by defying time and never giving up on their love even if the time played with them has OFFICIALLY made FAITH my FAVORITE KOREAN DRAMA THIS YEAR.



17 thoughts on “FAITH-ED to be with Choi Young

  1. Thanks for your nice post.Lee min ho didn’t have such a long hair in faith so where did you get his picture with such a long hair?Was it in series??Cause if he had it he would look much cooler.Thank you

  2. You opened the story so well!!I completely agree with you.Men like Lee min ho are so rare.When I first saw faith I was just changing the channels and suddenly I saw Lee min ho(as Choi young)on the screen. I hadn’t seen him before.I just liked him so much,then I liked Kim hee sun and then I liked faith.At the end of that they I loved them all…But Lee min ho was something special💙.Wish to have him!!!!!

  3. love your post. i also am a fan of FAITH and esp lee minho. this is my best drama of lee minho thus far. a warrior himself he really knows how to hold a sword. with lee minho is his acting ability by just using his eyes you can really feel the emotion that is needed in the scene. I could not sleep watching it, thanks to… Lee Minho saranghe…

  4. ahww!!! I totally agree! thanks for posting…i have a question..where can I watch full episodes of faith? I got busy with work and stopped watching from episode 16 until the end…I wanna catch up and really meant to save the best for last…I love the series mainly because of Lee Minho…that man can act and not to mention his oh so beautiful face. but in fairness to everyone they all did a great job…anyway, I hope you can recommend a site for me to watch full’s kind of tiring to change windows every 12minutes or so…I hope the site would allow me to watch the series from a smartphone..pretty please! 🙂 **I’ll post a longer comment later.busy but just can’t resist to reply your post..nice always… 🙂

      1. so am i now classed as an indispensable asset? *♥ halo appears over my head*

        Looks like ive become part of the furniture

        Thanks to abby noona ♥♥♥

        Mr Ð

      2. *chuckles and because you already declared it noona can only agree… I’m going to Korea this April for a vacation, maybe going back to October as well for another vacation.. and yes I’m making you feel envious… *evil laugh

      3. Is there no limit to your torture, you not only have the ability to learn hangul (im guessing its a lot more like thai than english) when i have to stick with self tutoring and no one to test it out on vocally, but now your going there not once, but twice!!

        Looks like i really need to clear my few debts and get over there before im too old or tied down 🙂 *blows a kiss to noona*

        Ill make sure to swing by at yours whilst im that end of the world

        ♥♥♥ Mr Ð

      4. hahaha find some time to visit korea, they at least preserved their cultural heritage so tourist can really enjoy going there..

        beaming, abby

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