I’m officially 5 days korean drama clean.  A feat that rarely happens for me, and the culprit is my amazing hanging out with the guys of White Collar.  I’m just really drawn to stories with dark tones and smart protagonists.  For American series, I have Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Dexter, Big Bang theory as my favorites.  If you want a breather from kdrama addiction, you can try add this to your bucket list.
I’m posed to do my Padam recap this weekend.  I know right I’m so late and I haven’t started yet with Innocent Man.  I’ve been a bad kdrama fan, I’m hoping to get back on board or someone help me snap out of my caffrey-ing.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to have a glimpse of Lee Min Ho as he visits our country.  I hope I would be able to see him.

Happy Birthday Rich.  I wish a lot more blessings for you and korean dramas for us. 


One thought on “neal caffrey-ing

  1. hei Abby! I also love watching Dexter and criminal minds…law and order svu as well is on my list…I hope you’ll be able to see Lee Minho…post some pix will ya? 😀

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