It felt like they used Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū on how they framed the story arc of Rurouni Kenshin.  A polished foundation set up, characters paraded and had their own moments, conflicts laid layered to the main character’s personal issues and the fencing fights that even Juliet can relate to.  Ain’t that enough reasons to do a sequel as this initial film was a good watch? 


Rurouni Kenshin was a nice and exciting watch.  It managed to pass my personal simple criteria for an action movie.  Not much talking, whoa!-inducing and as much as possible a clear story to follow.  Over-all it was a very positive movie for me, it was an action film after all and the fight scenes were high-octane so it kinda shadowed the prosaic low notes of the plot.  I would take that it was really hard to squeeze in the full story of my favorite Samurai, so they don’t need to apologize to me.  I understand.  *wink


So the story opened to Kenshin turning his back from his assassin life after helping the Empire in the war.  He then wandered around and in his meandering met Kaoru Kamiya who was in search of Battosai who caused havoc and killings in the town taking in the name of the school she inherited from her father.  A poser assuming Battosai’s identity was the culprit in the murder spree sweeping the town.  Meanwhile Megumi Takani left the mansion of the rich businessman villain Takeda Kanryu maybe because of his Snape-like hair.  *chuckles  She bumped with Yahiko Myojin who was staying at Kaoru’s dojo as her student.  Snape-four-eyed-villain was into investing on opium, and he had Megumi formulate the production.  Megumi came from a family of doctors, and because she lost her family in the war, she was left no choice but to stay with the shrewd and vile businessman.


The town was hit by an epidemic tracing of course to the four-eyed-fiend.  Megumi left the dojo and returned to the mansion with the intention of killing Kanryu for making the people suffer.  Kenshin decided to rescue Megumi and Sanosuke Sagara who initially detested him after learning his former identity joined forces in trespassing Kanryu’s mansion which was guarded by a private army of homeless samurai.


Really outnumbered because they were only two, they managed to knock down the meanies to face Kanryu’s right and left hand.  Sasoke defeated his opponent in his comic style head banging and brawling and wrestling as Kenshin subdued blond-scarface in his sleek movements and precise sword strategies.  They rescued Megumi, only to find out that Kaoru was taken by Battosai-pretender to bait Kenshin in fighting him.  The poser who has sort of supernatural ability not being able to feel Kenshin fighting in his optimum capacity threw his power at Kaoru.  Her life would be at stake unless Kenshin kills him or Kaoru breaks the power.  So then my boyfriend realized what’s happening and summoned his old self, and in his beyond explanation speed and sword-wielding killer moves, he made the baddie-poser drink his own blood.  Almost giving the final blow, Kaoru broke the spell and saved Kenshin in defying his vow not to kill anymore.


My high school and college years were spent watching local anime reruns and that includes Samurai X, and that’s from where I fell in love with Kenshin Himura.  I never dreamt of a Knight-in-Shining-armor to rescue me, I was wishing for a samurai with an x mark on his face.  *giggles You see in anime he was an engrossing swordsman that any girl can fall for, I guess it’s really hard to translate Kenshin in real life.  I did enjoy the sword fights, but sometimes I just can’t connect to the actor. Yes I know he’s onto just kicking some ass business, but there were a few scenes that required a little emotion, and that I felt was missing.  Kenshin’s character has been through a lot because of the guilt he felt towards the people he killed mounted to a peak that almost consumed him, and coming to terms with leaving the life he used to have would produce a person bound in a limbo trying to deprive his dark side.  I’m all praises to the sword tussles and I loved that they fused the sword wielding techniques and stunts in a way that it’s not too computer generated.  I was really feeling the metal brawls, the slices and the hits from the fighters and yes even the blood spatters.  They were able to spice up the Samurai moves in sequences befitting of the story’s historical background digging on the groundwork of swordsmanship.


To live up to the hype of Nobuhiro Watsuki’s manga and its anime adaptation was a no easy task given the quaint anticipation of the viewers, and because you don’t want to disappoint the anime geeks.  Trust me, you shouldn’t.  Aside from the emotion issues I mentioned earlier, my feminine self was left astounded by the superbly done and rip-roaring action scenes.


I watched the movie alone, and I felt like I was in a geek convention.  I rarely watch films in the movie house, but taking some time off to see my Kenshin Himura in live action was worth the effort.



6 thoughts on “Rurouni Kenshin stop wandering now and marry me

  1. I am not keeping my hopes too high about this but I would like to believe that the movie has captured somehow the essence of the anime/manga. I will watch the movie and I will not compare. I will assess the movie as it is… and really hope will not get disapointed!

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