Panda and Hedgehog (1)

It was basking in brightness and breeziness that all throughout I felt really good watching the predictable story unfolds.  It was underacted but heck I still did enjoy it that at some point I thought of becoming a patissier… a charming one for that matter.  *giggles 


With a family looking for their long lost son who in the twist of fate was actually living with them all along and a story thriving on a birth-secret, long lost friendship circle, setting up good mood incantation and a parade of gorgeously laid cakes and pastries, I also don’t know what hit me, but I ended up finishing the drama and actually liking it.


Go Seul Ji spent his childhood in juvenile detention, and from there he came across St. Honore, a leading big bakery specializing in cakes and pastries.  Naturally gifted in baking, he was very intent in entering the patisserie world.  When he got out of prison he, he set off to try his luck and talent to enter St. Honore, but he was treated very bad that he almost burned the building if not for a warm old man who stopped him and took him as if he is his blood (well, in fact he was).  When his adopted grandfather’s daughter got out of prison after 20 years, Seul-ji decided to left the old man’s wing to give way to the father and daughter who were cheated by time.  Luckily he landed to an almost dying café of Pan Da Yang, and with his genius in making cakes and pastries, they were able to preserve the café, which Pan Da kept so dear in her heart.  Then came Choi Won Il who was Pan Da’s long lost childhood friend who was the son of the owner of St. Honore.  After consuming himself to his studying broad he came back to take over the family’s business, and was also posed to finding his first love – Pan Da Yang.  The love triangle emerged but I’m glad it didn’t go all the way to hopeless plots to determine who the lead girl’s heart was beating for. 


Seul-ji was adamant to respond to Pan Da because of his past, losing his memory when he was young, he did all sort of things, bad and good, to survive.  He got under juvenile prison and from there he saw a pastry TV presentation by St. Honore.  When he got out, he mustered his will in the hopes of entering the distinguished pastry company, but ended up being bullied by the pastry chefs and ignored by the head chef and husband to Won I’l mother, Choi Jae Kyum.  So because of lack of confidence Seul Ji was at first hesitant to engage in a relationship with Pan Da, but Pan Da’s taking over and abidance to what her hear felt, she was able to break the wall Seul-ji built upon himself.


Before every pastry making he did, Seul-ji has this abracadabra speech to start up his flour and water craft, and when Pan Da caught him saying it, the knot tying the main characters of the story was revealed.  Seul-ji who lost his memory when he was young used to be friends with Pan Da and Won Il.  He was the son of a bakery owner, her mother was taken by the police because of the fire in their bakery and he ended p living with his evil father who caused his amnesia.  Pan Da whose first love was in fact Seul-ji never forgave her father after he let him left their house to be with his evil father.  They put up the bakery-café in the hopes that one day her long lost friend will return.  She even do part time works as a writer specializing in the patissierie world because she knew in her heart that the young boy will become a great patissier.

A26QqUGCcAAjofB.jpg large

Panda and Hedgehog was an epitome of a predictable drama and there are a lot of opportunities acting wise.  It was an easy watch, you will just go with the flow and will never trigger a negative feeling in your veins.  It won’t promise you ohlalas but it won’t disappoint you either.  It worked well that they limited the characters, they simplified the conflicts, but they added zest in the romance and relationship of their main players.  That I think was the reason why I finished Panda and Seul-ji’s love story, they didn’t dig on misunderstandings.  They know what they want all throughout, they withdrew when they can’t, but they took a stand when they have to.  It was a realist romance, and even the sugar-coating was true to life. 




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