With 4 main players and side characters moving to the riches to rags to riches to happiness kind of story, I was an invisible member of the production team feeling the reality, the failure and the triumph of the King of Dramas.


Staging a comeback to Korean drama production, Anthony Kim who used to be a big shot drama producer beat all the odds and reformed himself to successfully notch his return to the world he was once famous for.  But he has to compete with his former master and assistant to do that, but with his keen mind and full heart, he managed to achieve his hard-earned return and more than that he understood what was lacking to him as a person.


When he was the CEO of Empire Production (leading TV drama production team), he has a notorious reputation for his social skills.  But because he can strike really good dramas the drama industry was left no choice but to work for him.   All he was focused on was the success rate of the drama and money, but his assistant ploy an evil plan and the chairman of the production company kicked him out and for the next 3 years he struggled getting back to the field by opening his company World Productions.  The opportunity he needed to spark his return came in when a rich Japanese investor read a script he sent but he has to convince the writer Lee Go Eun whose dreams of becoming a writer was also ended by his doing.  When she hit by Anthony’s pep talk of her grilling mackerel all her life, she decided to give her dream another try. 


Conflict after conflict, I was patient and feeling the characters moved through its destination.  From finding investor for the money to getting the main actors and director to securing the broadcast slot and to the plagiarism stint that would have halted the first air date, I really gave a sigh when “Morning in Kyeongseong” was finally aired, there was just so much stories, hard work and effort put into it that it hit a dagger even in myself.  I could understand and relate to this drama because my inclination used to be being a part of a drama production too.

Kim Myung Min

This drama is very smart and very brave at the same time.  The humor was hilarious, witty and pointed out a lot of inside jokes in korean drama production land.  The romance is not the primary driver of the drama, it was really the characters… how they evolved to a different one after, and how they blend in to each other. 


They made me anticipate on their next move and it was nice that they didn’t really made the underdogs so overly under, they gave the upper hand to the villains but they provided an equalizer to the main leads by outsmarting the evil guys.


Beethoven Virus was when I first saw Kim Myung Min, and it’s already given that he’s not an eye candy but he can really draw great performance.  Since becoming Baek Yoo Chi and the movie Pained, I have liked Jung Ryu Won and it’s good that they didn’t make their romance part dream-like but just eventual.  Choi Si Won pulled a few mirth out of me in his cute performance and the bromance My Sassy Girl scene with his PA made me laugh for two minutes.


The King of Dramas is beautiful depending on the perceiver’s eyes.  If you are up to just rose petals and romance, then this might not work for you.  It was a drama that was narrating a great story of bouncing back after a slump in someone’s life.  All throughout it was very realistic and straight to the point.  I had a slight disappointment about the lead man getting blind.  I mean it was just an overkill for me.  I was not expecting a happy ending but just a fair one.  I mean after blinding him you used their love to be together because of the blindness.  If I would end the story, I would have just made them back to their usual bickering relationship while working on another drama.  It would be a safe ending but not forcing a character redeeming scapegoat.


It was a drama about making a drama, and that has made this work interesting.  Although I liked it, I would score an above fair rating for now and will wait if there’s a drama with the same vibe that can even out or even mock the King of Dramas. -jediprincess



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