A single 29 year old lady-in waiting like me who sat on a 20-episode marriage-plot drama was supposed to be evading the kind of drama pill I took, but strangely I did enjoy this lively, feisty, emotion-draining and chatty love and marriage eye feast.  It was as if the contemplative and witty writing of all my favorite romance movies was made to a drama.  From the director of My Lovely Samsoon and Que Sera Sera, I found a no-frills-this-is-really-what-happening romance story of loving someone, breaking up and becoming brave to love again at the cost of once deciding of giving up on love because you can’t be brave enough.


It felt like a getting-married-staying-married-leaving-marriage instructional video for men and women entertaining the idea of committing their lives with someone.  I vowed myself my parents and in-laws-to-be should watch this before my own wedding preparations for them not to meddle on how I and future-hubby would want our wedding to be.   



“The love that defied their outspoken mothers”

After 3 years of dating Hae-yoon and Jung-hoon decided to get married but on the course of planning the wedding, their mothers got entangled on a series of misunderstanding that involved Jung-hoon’s salaryman status and Hae-yoon’s family background.  Jung-hoon was a regular employee and was born from a rich family while Hae-yoon was raised by her single mother and was working as a grade school teacher.   Even with their incessant bickering what I love seeing about them is they reflect on their actions and they talk about it even at the expense of hurting each other.  They are the classic strong-weak couple.  Hae-yoon who took after her mother’s sometimes unreasonable selfishness loved calculating what her decisions and the thing around them might impact their forthcoming wedding. episode-9-for-the-Korean-drama-Can-We-Get-Married_85 She can submit to being submissive just to please her future mother-in-law to be, but when she got too emotionally consumed of the conflicts raised by their mothers, she decided to end the relationship blaming the situation she was put onto.  Good-natured Jung-hoon whose spine grew later in the story accepted her decision and chose his solitary pain not because he can’t fight to be with the girl against his family but because he loved her so much, he was okay to be pushed over.  Their conflict was the main premise of the story and it was exhausting to watch a meek guy and his adamant girlfriend go labyrinth bound because they were both protecting their parents.  Sometimes there are reasonable situations that can make a person forget their filial duties, in their case, the parents have been so overly protective and thoroughly dissecting their future with their thinking and not with how their children were feeling.  fullsizephoto268731

I have to cover my ears whenever Hae-yoon’s mother starts talking and ciphering Jung-hoon’s family’s action as I have to cover my eyes when Jung-hoon’s mother looked down on Hae-yoon’s family background.  Had they not finally conspired and forcedly comprehended that it was really true love that hit their children, and finally providing a way for them to get back together and get married, I would have not forgiven them too, nonetheless I promised myself I won’t get a mother-in-law like them nor will I become a mother-in-law like them too. 29cwgm0

Hae-yoon and Jung-hoon love story circled on how a couple can take the punches of a relationship with opposing beliefs their family and confusing themselves by weighing how good they are as a person and if they are worthy to be with the person.  At the end of it all, it was still how much they love each other that saved the day.  And just like any relationship, you might go against what you have promised someone, if you do, and you want to take it back, you can always will.  It takes a lot of courage to share your dreams and to love someone.

Can We Get Married Han Groo Kim Young Kwang


“The love that got sweeter the second time around”

Dating for 5 years both Ki-Joong and Dong-Bi were showing strong faces not to believe they really love each other.  Both coming from rich families, they have wounds that can’t be healed no matter how rich their parents were.  I like how real and painful their story was and that both protected each other in ways they didn’t allow one another to realize it.  In the end they both get the love while meeting their conditions.  It is always a happy feeling to get back in a relationship no matter how bad the past was.  The love won’t entirely cover the scar it created but the people in love will grow together with that experience.



“The marriage that got away”

I got most of the tears from their love story.  The man loved his wife but his ego can’t bear following his manipulative mother-in-law.  The divorce settlement procedure showed how pride can ruin love, and I’m glad that they didn’t let them get back together because that’s what makes sense considering the man cheated on his wife.  I’m not siding with Hae-jin because I’m a girl but because any man who was pushed to his limit and because they have a son to be protected, I was really wanting Do-hyun to get a dose of his own medicine because he was given a lot of chance to make it right but his stupid hubris won’t concede.  episode-9-for-the-Korean-drama-Can-We-Get-MarriedWhile both of them know how their situation was affecting their son, they were wise to really be firm on their decision.  There are relationship that really needed to be ended even if the casualty will be damaging not just for the couple involved but for their children.


“Can We Get Married?” was a very ruminative tale that presented varied reasons, delusions, confusions, pain and happiness when intending to share a life with someone officially.  It sent me to pensive state in justifying my own stand of not believing that love is forever and acknowledging the happy truth that while relationship can be very moody at times, there are things like two-way happiness, warm embraces and sweet kisses that love can only define.


Grrrr I should have not watched this at all, now the love nerves that I put in coma is starting to annoy me.  *giggles  I think this will be a nice watch for people having second-thoughts to tie the knot and couples who can’t figure out why they are staying in love with the wrong person and wanting to be in love after break-ups. 


This is a love video pill in Before Sunrise, Love Actually and 500 Days of Summer witty screenplay vibe plus nagger moms and great support cast on the side.  It’s not your cheesy romcom but it’s oh-so-full of realistic romance that has happened, will happen and happening to all of us. –jediprincess



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