You know that child story about the princess who can’t cry?  If I give her a copy of “I Miss You”, she will cry all those tears she missed in her life.  After time-travelling expeditions last year, it’s romance after romance coaxing me, teasing me in different faces and approaches this year in kdramaland.  So here I am, love-filled, all-smiles, happily camping in the shower of rose petals.


Staying away from the chaebol-love-you-hate-you love stories, “I Miss You” plunged to a dark and painful romance between a girl who was left behind by her friend and first love, and the man who waited for 14 years to make up for letting go of the girl he first loved.


Tissue, more tissue and a lot of tissue.  Prepare for the weep fest and constant swaying and sighing over why Harry placed himself on that love triangle when he could have stayed by my side.  *chuckles  This is a sure headache that even Sherlock won’t resolve.  We normally get a love triangle where the third wheel stood as the villain because the main couple’s love is really unrequited, but this time, I was weeping, confused, annoyed and don’t know what to do on thinking how complicated their love was.  The people involved in the agonizing love triangle just chose to dwell on hurting each other’s feeling because of the depth of the reasons why they were holding back what they really felt, and why they were taking that path.  They were unaware that they were hurting me in the process because they were crying at any chance they can… and so did I.  *pout


You remember Winter Sonata?  When I was watching it on the local channel, my brother was always complaining how Choi Ji Woo cried every episode?  I Miss You almost broke that record but the story it was threading sufficed the sort of emotional outbreak that spited the vulnerable side of me. 


You have to prepare for the selfishness and development of the characters moving through the story.  Heck you just have to understand all of them because they all suffered from the trauma of their past.  On the 16th episode, I was shouting, let’s just have Harry reunite with his mom and have Su-yeon and Jung-woo live happily ever after, but after Harry’s revelation, I was tugging my hair, broken hearted on how far his obsession went.  He could have just gone here to marry me, but going to that extent… sigh…


I felt like I was a part of the family that has waited for Su-yeon to come back that when she got reunited with her family, I was also crying incessantly.  And although I really want to comfort my Harry, I have to give space for him to reflect on his actions.  His noona romance really has gone way beyond revenge but I, my mom and my aunt were still siding on Harry.  My mom because he’s eye-candy cute and my aunt because he lived a hard life.  I know right?  I really came from this family.


When my mom was complaining how cheesy they were on the 17th episode, my aunt replied in teary eyes… “If you have known how far they have suffered to finally be together”.  It’s different how generations explain love.  *giggles


So the story goes like this.  Shadowed by the notorious reputation of her father who has also abused her physically, Lee So Yeon was your typical wallflower at school and was the resident go-to girl for the bullies’ power tripping.  When her father was caught by the police, So-yeon and her mother suffered from the harsh treatment of the neighborhood and only when Han Jung-woo became her friend that she saw life in a different perspective.

Han Jung Woo was studying in the US but decided to come back to Korea and while he was walking one night, he saw So Yeon at a park and approached her.  So Yeon was surprised that he didn’t know that she was the infamous murderer’s daughter.  So Yeon tried to run away, but the rain fell and feeling happy that for the first time another person acknowledged her, she went back to the park and lend her umbrella to Jung-woo.  He promised to return the umbrella the next day but his grandfather passed away.

On a dark battle of inheritance quest, Jung-woo’s grandfather died which caused the tension in the family as his father and his grandfather’s mistress fought for the old man’s money.  Jung-woo’s father shoved his father’s mistress even damaging his half-brother’s leg when he let loose of his vicious pet dogs to chase him.  The young master was able to escape and was hidden by her mother’s friend and landed as So Yeon’s neighbor.
 Jung-woo transferred to So Yeon’s school.  Watching her being bullied, he decided to be her only friend even after hearing the stories about her.  Confused that for the first time, someone has treated her nice, Lee So Yeon found her first friend.


But the new-found-friends would become the eventual casualties on the money war Jung-woo’s family was waging.  Jung-woo’s grandfather’s mistress ordered him to be kidnapped and because So-yeon chased after the plan, they were both captured in an abandoned warehouse.  The two suffered pain, assault and unimaginable trauma.  Jung-woo’s father intervened , and the young man was able to escape leaving So-yeon behind who was almost hit by a car.  She was rescued  by the kid with a wounded leg who was the son of Jung-woo’s grandfather’s mistress.  He escaped his brother’s vicious dogs and was hidden by his mother’s friend and their family’s nurse.


Cut to years after and we saw So-yeon changing her name to Zoe Lou, she has become a famous designer and has been with wealthy debonair Harry Borrison.  After years of premeditated payback Harry Borrison set forth to Korea to face the long lost brother who almost killed him.  He was planning on making his son who became a police officer catch his father’s evil doings.


Jung-woo left his rich life and lived with So-yeon’s mother and has been living in the hopes that someday she will come back because he knows she was alive somewhere but what he was notprepared was the fact that his leaving her behind has made her hated him so much.

The obsession, longing and all those things you can do for love were the prime movement drawer of the story, and one man’s greed of money set the story to happen.


Harry Borrison/Kang Hyun Jun felt like a Math equation for me with no geek help I can try to lure to help me out solve the problem.  It’s just so hard hating his villainy obsessive self everytime the camera zoomed in to his super princey face.  I, my mom and my aunt felt the same.  That’s 3 generations of women, that’s a prolific charisma draw.  This is why I prefer it when they put ugly-faced or crazy-faced villains because it’s very easy to hate them.


Han Jung-woo has made Hachiko looked like he was not loyal with the amount of years he waited for So-yeon to come back.  He was yielding and leaning to his role effectively shielding the vulnerable lead girl but making her strong at the same time.  For some reason, Yoo Chun has really a knack of choosing good projects that can showcase the best of his side as an actor. 


Zoe Lou/Lee So Yeon was what the Beegees was describing in Melody Fair.  I was piling a mountain of tissue every episode each time she will break down and cry.  I have sort of anticipated and almost in the brink of hating why she has to cry every time but then again the story calls for it.  I really missed her performance in the old drama favorites and she really came strong here after her abysmal previous dramas.


This trio main character has ardently explained what a complicated love was.  My favorite line was So-yeon’s “I have always loved you, just not the way you wanted it.  That pretty much tells the gist of their love discord.  It’s always hard to be the receiving end of unfulfilled love, and even harder to know that you can’t love a man who has loved you more than his life.


I thought all of them will go crazy in the finale episode, and I was scared that they might pull a memories-in-bali closing of just killing the love triangle characters so there will be no problem anymore.  I was a bit annoyed by that confrontation and negotiation with Harry to stop his foolishness, but that was one of the best scene in the whole series.  All three of them were in to their characters.  They settled everything right there and then, and that’s what I liked about it.  They were the main characters entangled in that conflict, and in the end they must find a way to end it.  And they resolved it in a tearful, blame throwing, why-can’t you-love-me-manner?.  I liked it. period.


The romance of Jung-woo and So-yeon eventually kicked a well-deserved ever-after, after all the things that happened,I don’t want them saddled by my family doesn’t like you surprise ending conflict.  Good thing father who doesn’t know anything but money got jailed, I just hate him, he did all the problems and there’s no redeeming concept for him in the end.  You see I love all the tears in this drama, but there are neither black or white concepts on the motivational conflict.  The ending wishful thinking of what if the three of them met each other differently was a nice ending trick.  It was a cushion for a safe, well-explained and goodness-prevail-in-the-end windup.  What I can’t understand is how Jung-woo’s father was.  I mean he was all about money and evil all throughout that there was no character development.  I thought Harry was set to avenge his past but his hatred vanished and he even conspired with him.  That was not explained well, I won’t buy that because he loved the girl thought that’s why his priority changed.  I’m stubborn.  I won’t.


I sympathized and understood why So-yeon chose not to be reunited with her family and Jung-woo and I’m glad she decided fast to face herself without prejudice.  You see a kiss always change a woman’s heart.  She was so vulnerable considering the trauma she had with her father that she won’t really be able to put up with her strong face without hurting herself in the process.


Harry, my Harry showed a different meaning to the word antagonist.  Much as I want to hate him and when all his best laid plans were executed for his vengeance streak, I was still faithful and can’t bring myself to hate him.  Sweet-unrequited-one-sided love, that’s what it can do.   Tssss You loved the wrong girl!


“I Miss You” appeared to be a bundle of contradiction for me as I was fighting for my tears not to fall to no avail and at some point the emotion rush exhausted me.  There were moments were I was like… Don’t cry!  Don’t cry!  I said stop crying! And then I just ended up drawing the tissue roll to join the cast on their episodic sob fest.  To be honest, it was bordering to melodrama overkill where it was really living to the tears and more tears vision.  If not for the sad tone on the onset that has had me prepared as well as the painful love premise, I would have not lingered.  I know I’m such a lousy liar it was really because of Harry and his devilish handsome stare.


I mentioned that I’m on a love roll this year.  So far, I Miss You would be the yardstick for the romantic melo drama this year.  Strongly portrayed and definitely worth the tears. ^_^



6 thoughts on “The Tears and Love when you miss someone dearly

  1. Best review!! Well written, funny, and contained just enough details to make you want to watch! Looking forward to other reviews!

  2. some people are just not cut out to watch this kind of heavy drama.. they say they can’t handle the emotional strain that it will give them.. but for me, it’s worth the watch.. every tear that i shed makes me realized how great all their acting were.. loved i miss you so much and yes you were right.. though harry is the antagonist here, i can’t seem to hate him.. i sympathized and pity him.. love him until the end..

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