The title itself says how this drama is about… SCHOOL… High School to be exact.  So to put it simply it dealt with the stereotype High School characters we can all relate and their angst, woes, happiness, weirdness, eccentricity and mischiefs.


The bromance in this drama will be in contention for my favorite this year, and while I’m writing it now I remembered how I was feeling when Heung-soo and Nam-Soon were dramatically exchanging those why-did-you-leave-me-when-you-know-you-are-what-I-only-have scene… I thought they will almost do a kissing scene after… *chuckles


The problems raised in this drama was very disheartening, honest and retrospective at the same time that even if the story was just literally “school bound” I was able to relate with the pain and bliss of the students and the teachers portrayed.


This also said a lot about how teacher affects his students, and how a teacher can teach but can never influence his students.  I’m glad that my life was a student was gifted with educators that were able to nurture my skills and potentials to the extent of defying my limitations.


School 2013 narrated the typical classroom setting where side stories of the A-student, bullies, slow-learners, mediocres and uncaring students struggled to keep up with their personal issues alongside the stress they were getting while getting educated.  This is very easy to digest and almost anyone can relate to because everyone was once a student.


If you are set to attend a school reunion, this will be something you can watch to set up your mood and make your thoughts wonder back to those good old times when you only worry about your grades failing and nothing about life, love, money and relationship.  *sigh  This school drama was sweetly done, resonating and nostalgic.  -jediprincess



6 thoughts on “HighSchool Reminiscin’ at School 2013

    1. I have seen duelist and I would also recommend M sunbae. Kang Dong Won oppa has a knack to star in great movies so far… I will share my quick review about Duelist soon. ^_^

  1. I’m a bit older than you, jediprincess, and my focus was more on the teachers, and in particular Jang nara (I’m male).

    I’ve watched her music videos, The Mischievous Princess, Success Story of a Bright Girl, Baby-faced Beauty, Wedding, and School 2013.

    What I like, and appreciate, is how she has matured from a bubbly too-cheerful ingénue into a mature woman and great actor.

    I, too, like School 2013; in reading some of your other posts about other kdramas, of the ones I also have watched, it seems we have very similar opinions. It’s nice to find a blog like yours.

      1. Ah, Princess, Seonbae I fear. I’ll be all-too-soon 72 next month.

        I came to kdrama late. A few years ago late at night I was trolling TVU network and came across the Korean movie Duelist (Korean: 형사, Hyeongsa). It is a gorgeous movie, well done, and I was much taken. It starred who I now know are Ha Ji-won and Ahn Sung Ki [Sung-Kee] and Kang Dong-won (Sad Eyes). It also had Yoon Joo Sang as narrator/chorus at the beginning and at the end. I’ve never been able to find a Region 1 DVD of it, but it is on YouTube in 12 parts-here is a link to part 1:

        If you have not seen Duelist, put it on your fast-track list. I’ve watched it at least 20 times; I recommend 3 times minimum, particularly the ending.

        And now I troll mostly DramaCrazy, DramaFever, and Viki. I prefer Viki because you can watch the whole movie or episode without interruptions. I use Firefox with adblock plus, flashblock, and noscript, among others, so I don’t get ads.

        And so I’m hooked for life on kdrama. In a week or so I’ll send a few suggestions to you at your gmail address.

        I herd cats. This private blog will reveal a few facets of your subject, your Highness.

      2. It’s better late than never sunbae… ill wait for your suggestions… i have seen parts of duelist, the beginning part, and it’s part of my blog anniversary marathon so i will be including it on my list soon… if i will be blown away then kll do a separate quick recap…

        My dream life is just watching kmovies and kdramas and being paid for it… but there’s no such job… *chuckles…

        It’s nice meeting a seasoned person like you who got hooked by the hallyu wave… i just find it so amusing…

        Will wait for your email… will have to sleep now for my marathon later…

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