This CHASING-BIN-LADEN movie started slow but made me hang on to my seat when the “Mission Kill Bin Laden” was on its culminating scene.  It was narrated in CIA’s perspective, but it didn’t shadow the evil brilliance of the villain who has made them incapacitated even with the best intelligence and top notch technology for 10 years.  The strength of “Zero Dark Thirty” was its way of triggering human emotions to root for the joint brain and brawn force of CIA and SEAL in capturing the fiend in the story.  I don’t know if I’m just used to the fast-pace catching of sociopaths in Criminal Minds, but be prepared because you have to empathize with Maya’s almost obsession to catching the elusive terrorist… Her immersion to the case in real life stretched to a decade so her contemplation took a quarter of the story… but then again, the climax for me sufficed some dallying excessive strategy thinking on the movie.  *chuckles I appreciate the pondering but let’s get into our tactical mission to pursue the baddie! — that’s my philosophy when I watch action films.  *giggles 


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