i need romance

It was like watching my very own love story in the television screen (less the ever-after part)… I cried… I reminisced… I laughed and for a moment, I yearned how it feels to be in a blissful, addictive, sometimes-painful-yet-binding and worth taking a risk kind of romance.  Before the love month wanes, “I Need Romance” filled me up with so much retrospection and argued with my existing love standpoint and rules of dating. 


This love drama was tailored in a sex and the city vibe and narrated the modern love stories of women in their 30’s and how they struggled to keep a romantic relationship and the lack of it. 

The funk and the feistiness of the story and characters, the importance of sex, love and honesty in a relationship along with the sassy girl friendship were enough for me to be drawn and stayed peeking at these lovely women who covered the different faces of a relationship love boat.


In-young has been in a 10-year relationship with Sung-soo, it was your typical because-we-have-alot-of-memories-we-can’t-break-up kind of love, but their commitment was shattered when Sung-soo entertained a fleeting romance.  He liked both girls but in a different degrees.  His love for In-young was seasoned through time, and sealed by the familiarity, comfort and memories, whereas the new love was making him refreshed, it was thrilling him and was attacking his basic instinct.  He tried to fight it off, but a moment of laxing his guard has caused him an affair that broke his long-running relationship.  *pffftt *feltFamiliar


Sung-soo finally got his break as a Film Director, it was for him a great opportunity for his sort of bum activities all those years to make the woman who has stick with him happy, but his heart got swayed by a young, vibrant lady… And before him realizing it, even if nothing intimate has happened to them yet, his girlfriend’s instinct knew it and ended the relationship.  It is true for people who has been together for a while to be lost after a “trust” issue, for a woman at best, she will pretend that it will be okay, but then eventually she will sort to giving him a chance to recycle the love.  After late nights and sinking down the blame though, when you see the person standing in front of you, sometimes it would just take him merely standing there to wipe all the pain away.  Sung-soo and In-young survived the preliminary unfaithfulness surge until… The real infidelity happened.


They resumed their couple life, but when someone has cheated on you, paranoia are like internet pop-ups, it will annoy you.  And when the Juliet-stricken third party who went extra mile with her idea of love succumbed to the mistress position because of the clouded love she felt towards Sung-soo, her hardwork paid off and they engaged in a covert affair.


That moment when In-young saw in her very eyes the man she loved with all her heart happily chatting with his mistress in a place and day she thought was reserved for them because the day was special for them, will touch and make any woman who has been cheated on cry big time, because of the weight of the scene…  The thing about cheating is that women will try not to believe the lie and will stick to the person but when they get the concrete confirmation, it will break them in the most unimaginable-no-icecream-can-cure-painful way. There were no words, just tears agonizingly falling down her face… It was a perfectly hurting scene I was crying all along.  And when she tried to battle it making her busy in the day, the night time was killing her.  She was also in a spree of bargaining and justifying that she didn’t deserve that fate but sometimes you just really wake up and it’s as if you don’t know the person and as if you never loved each other.  I sympathized with her badgering her ex-boyfriend, because it’s how typically women tried their very best to move on.  She wanted to make him feel the same hell she was feeling, but in reality, it will never be like that, when you can’t find yourself time to sleep, that other person actually can do it.  *sniff sniff


A man knows a woman loves him by the usual saying of “I Love You” and when he sees her at her most “love-me-begging” state… Sung-soo knew these truths with In-young and to be fair with him, even after the damage, I would really forgive him because he realized his mistake and he knew he could never turn back time but he has all his lifetime to love her even more than he did before.


But to make their love realized fully, In-young met someone who helped her renewed her faith in love… That someone who appeared to be like her when she was with Sung-soo.  She has learned to love him but at the end of the day, sometimes the love we felt for someone can’t make us choose to sacrifice what we really are and what we really feel. Not all love begins as if it was meant to be, but In-young relied on giving up a new love because she wanted a love that has been happening.


After all the pain, you will eventually learn that you either love someone or not love anyone at all.  When In-young saw Sung-soo kneeling at her father and begging for forgiveness at what he did to his daughter, I knew right there and then that In-young will be back in Sung-soo’s arms.  There’s just a familiarity and unbreakable connection when you’ve been with someone for a long time.  When trust has become an issue, it will be a haunting wall between a couple, but as long as there is love… Love will always forgive and give second chances.  What would make love go away?  Time and Acceptance.


I Need Romance was a very fulfilling love drama to watch.  It drew the depth of commitment and the pain it comes when loving so amazingly and truthfully.  It has been bound realistically that the problems and happiness made the story so moving that I was able to relate to it.  When a drama can make me sit to finish it in one sitting, that drama is definitely superb and brimming with exciting-real-world love, Sung-soo and In-young’s adoration did it to me.  I strongly vouched for this romantic series, women should watch it, and men should learn a lot from it.


No one is born a complete person.  You live your life half-finished and become complete as you get older.  A lot of things will happen when you are young, even if things don’t work out, don’t drag yourself on it.


PS.  Images are from HanCinema.net




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