Once in a while you get to sit with a simple story about love that doesn’t involve romantic feelings, and you will feel so happy and moved after spending time watching it.


It was narrated in an easy to follow manner but it will really hit home and linger a heartwarming effect that will make you think of your grandmother or if you don’t have one like me you will regret not being able to know them.


Sang-woo (played by little boy Yoo Seung-ho) was left by his mother in an old village to settle some financial problems they have.  Raised in the city he was not accustomed with the plain living in the old village and was disrespectful and a brat with his old grandmother.  Little by little though he became closer to her and when his mother returned for him it sent me to 60 weeping seconds as I grew attached of their relationship.


On their way to his mother’s hometown, a young boy, Sangwoo, was annoyed with the loud chatter of old folks inside the bus, he entertained himself by playing his video game.  His mother temporarily left him in the care of his old grandmother who patiently understood the brat who cared only for himself and what he likes to do and will make him happy.


Used to modern day living Sang-woo spent his days playing video games but when it ran off battery he threw a tantrum after Halmoni (grandma) can’t provide him any money.  He stole his mother’s hairpin and tried to sell it to get a battery but all the battery stores in the small town didn’t sell the kind of battery his video game needed.


When all of his spam were eaten, he clinged on Halmoni’s promise of “fried chicken” and off Halmoni went to sell some of her home grown stuff to get her grandson what he wanted to eat.  Halmoni brought home live chicken ready to be boiled and cooked in ginger and salt, and to his disappointment, Sang-woo wailed and cried as he didn’t get what he expected, but hunger hit him by midnight and in the dead of night he munched Halmoni’s chicken special. 


The next morning when he woke up and Halmoni was still lying down, he worried she could be dead but was just in fact not feeling well after she got soaked in rain on his way home to get Sang-woo’s chicken.  When Halmoni felt better they went to the market to barter Halmoni’s veggies for money.  Sang-woo wanted to eat chocopie and Halmoni’s friend gave her some of it.  Their bus was set to go so Halmoni tried to give something for Sang-woo to carry but on his brat self mode again, he shoved the plastic back to her.


Sang-woo ate all the chocopies except for one and wondered why buses have arrived and left without his Halmoni, and then he finally saw her approaching and felt sorry realizing she had to walk for him to ride on the bus, and he even felt sorrier because he didn’t help carry the plastic to lighten her load.  He slipped the sole choco pie to Halmoni’s plastic and from then on he showed some good signs of being good to his loving grandmother.


Sang-woo was having a crush on a young girl so he needed a haircut, so Halmoni gave him a funny haircut.  After playing though with his crush he went home and got himself some bruises and fright after being chased by the village’s crazy cow. He noticed the video game Halmoni was trying to give him and when he opened it he saw some money, he realized then that he was trying to give him money for the battery.


He went home and Halmoni was there waiting for him, and he started crying and through his tears he tried to tell her what happened that day.  Halmoni lovingly took him and gave him a letter from his mother.  Knowing that his mother will soon come to get him, he taught her how to write in Hangul.  “I’m sick” and “I Miss You”.  But Halmoni was having a hard time learning it.  He also made sure to stock up her needles with threads for her to use when she is sewing.


Sang-woo’s mother arrived and while he fought off the sad feeling of leaving her, he got in the bus but then rushed to go back to Halmoni and gave her his favorite robot cards. 


He stared lovingly at his mother while the bus drove away and when Halmoni got home she looked at the back of the cards which Sang-woo transformed into  “I Miss You” and “I’m sick” post cards.


This is a perfect movie to watch with your grandmother if you have one.  So touching and heart-stirring in its simplicity and yet the emotion surge you will while watching it was so compelling and family bond affirming.  This is a story of a grandmother’s unconditional love to her grandson and whosoever watched it will certainly feel good after and restrospect a little if he’s being rude to his grandma.


This will be added to my favorite movie list.  ^_^




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