I’ve been having a peg on heist movies these days, and in the past weeks Cha Tae Hyun oppa has been sweetly haunting me because of my following of Jeon Woo Chi and 1Night2days.  I’m sort of resuming my long recap for Kmovies, I know I have been neglecting kmovies lately so I’m really meaning to finish my pendings.  WordPress friends, I present you… THE GRAND HEIST.


Cha Tae Hyun  Oh Ji Ho  Min Hyo Rin  Lee Chae Young   Song Jong Ho


Lazy bummer Lee Doek Mu has been living with Mr. Yang while tending a book store in Joseon era.  He is a son of the Right Minister through a concubine that’s why he can’t hold a government position eventhough he has a brilliant mind.


He has been loving a woman secretly and in his pursuit to know her he followed her one day when she was rushing to where local ice were being distributed and pleaded with the head royal guard, Baek Dong Soo, who was also her brother to give some ice for the children she was taking care of.  But Dong-soo refused to provide ice freebies so Soo Ryun left sadly.



Wanting to be her knight in shining armor, Doek-Mu donned multiple mask and in a gaksital way stole a block of ice, but Dong-soo followed him and they engaged in an ice chase where Doek-mu eventually earned some wood whips from the palace guards. 


Later on Dong-soo visited the orphanage where her sister works and brought some ice, and he got surprised to learn that someone left some ice already for them.

Dong-soo deduced that it was Doek-mu who was then being treated by Mr. Yang through the help of a book about torture that he got from Netherlands, a place he so wanted to go.

At that time ICE was a very prized commodity that they even pay homage to the winter god to continue the frost supply.  The left minister led the local official villains engaged into a whine about the King after the winter offering, and his eyes darted to the Right Minister reminding special ice rangers to protect the ice. 


When Dong-soo got into the wrong side of the Left Minister, he was framed and got stripped off of his position, after an avalanche was striked while they were harvesting ice blocks.  He barely escaped but his team drowned beneath the sea of ice.



Meanwhile Mr. Yang just came back from his travel exploits and was bragging about the western life style and the women which made Doek-mu interested as Mr. Yang described in detail how the western women were so pretty, blond and big-breasted.  *pffft boys!

Dong-soo handled the securing of ice storage and distribution but Left Minister’s nephew illegally did ice mining and forcing slaves to work with them.  Dong-soo learned about the forced labor and wondered who the official was behind it.

On cue, the official trying to go against the King’s law about ice order met with his baddie minions and discussed how the Right Minister, Lee Sung-ho was controlling the price of ice making life hard for the noble men.  His nephew also reported about special ice guard Dong-soo blocking the ice forced labor.

The son of the Left Minister proposed a plan to his father about their current worries and off they go to execute their evil plans.

As the upcoming storm was brewing, Doek-mu listened to drunk Mr. Yang explaining to him the meaning of “OK” (this duo chemistry really cracked me up).

Little did these two know that they will be framed through possession of an illegal book copy for the part 2 evil plan of the Left Minister and his cronies.

So Dong-soo, Doek-mu and Mr. Yang were imprisoned. Doek-mu’s father visited him in the prison.  He told his father honestly that they never have that book.  Unbeknownst to him he was in the middle of a minister feud. 


The Right Minister was left no choice but to step down of his position to save his son’s life as Mr. Yang wasn’t able to bear the torture and died leaving the last words that he didn’t get to see the Netherlands. 


Doek-mu gathered his remains in the morning when they were release.  He saw his father being carried away by the royal guards.  Realizing the cost of his freedom he grieved deeply at the lost of his father and his teacher-bestfriend.


He went to Mr. Yang’s house while the meanies were celebrating their victory.  He woke up and saw a glimmer of light across the room and found a box where he saw letters from his father to his teacher-friend.
After tears, he vowed at his master’s tomb that he will get to the bottom of what forcedly happen to them.



So in four seasons Doek-mu burried himself to studying in preparation of his vengeance scheme.  To put into his action his plans, he has to enlist Dong-soo who was exiled because of the demise of his fellow special ice guards.  He joined him in his abs work-out by the sea and inquired about the ice distribution work around. 



He explained how ice has been a staple need that’s why it needed to be privatized.  Doek-mu quipped how the process affected the noble people who wanted to monopolize the business and hinted how upon his discharged from his position, the nephew of Left Minister Cho Myung-joo proposed a plan to venture into ice mining and got an exclusive right to unearthing ice by pinning on the ice accident that was headed by Dong-soo. 


He further explained how the son of Left Minister controlled the pricing of ice conjugating the ideas that Left Minister’s family and allies have been in command of the ice dealings in the country and has been causing troubles to the common people who can’t afford the price of the frost commodity. 

So then Doek-mu went to disclose his intentions of joining force to cut the root of the problem, Cho Myung-soo, their common enemy who was the mastermind of the ploys to have both of them be jailed through plotting evidence against them.  Furious of learning the truth about his unfair dismissal, Doek-mu Doek-mu appeased him of his brilliant payback idea but their conversation was distracted by Dong-soo’s sister who was also Doek-mu’s crush.


He was so delighted to see Soo Ryun and started calling Dong-soo brother-in-law.  Dong-soo annoyed of his guest shoved him away as Doek-mu was left no choice but to oblige.  He made him promised to see him after a month to hear out his plans, and against his will, he walked away.

After a month, while Doek-mu dreamily muttered intimate maiden moment in his mischievous half-awake self, he groped for water and choked on it when he saw the brother of the maiden he was thinking about staring at his vengeance blueprint.

He agreed to the proposed connivance on three conditions:  that no innocent people will get hurt, that there will be no stealing of country’s money involved and the last one was that he will call the shots.  Doek-mu happily agreed to his conditions and was surprised how he understood his plan so easily.  So then they set to their herculean task and their first stop was to meet their money man.



They laid out their plans to the money man who will be sheltering the ice that they will raid from Cho family’s storage. Moneyman was adamant to go with the idea thinking it was impossible to move that amount of ice to his ice storage.  But Doek-mu talked him through it convincing him that they were assembling a great team for the heist.

alias DEAFY

They hired a deaf explosive specialist who caused ruckus while Left Minister was talking earning him a forced resignation from his job.  They will also be joined by a con artist expert in camouflaging himself. 

alias CONMAN




To move the items, a cargo transport specialist will do the trick and a famous tomb raider who took China by storm will make all the ice disappear. 



The moneymaker finally agreed to finance their mission and hide the ice blocks and they sealed the agreement with an OK. *chuckles (i love the humor of this film).

Then they got to the meet and greet event to spark up their thieving quest.  They were joined by last minute female members Seol-hwa and Nani to strong disagreements of the participants, but when the girls ran down each of the member’s identities and mischief-makings, the ladies took their roles as informants.

alias SEOL-HWA


alias NANI  


Then they went to the business and discuss the biggest score of their lives.  Doek-mu and Dong-soo alternately explained their cards and path.  The king’s grandson will be celebrating a grand birthday ergo it will require plenty of ice because it’s midsummer. 


They will be stealing the ice from Cho family and the ice dealers.  Because Lord Cho will be in charge of the event they will demand for an exchange of money amounting to his total fortune.  He will be forced to give in the amount less his son will be exiled and if he demanded to meet them, the book of his illegal dealings will be drawn, and will make him lost everything.

To go through the plan, they have to steal the book from Lord Cho’s house and dig a tunnel to the storage.  The mounds from the dugged soil will appear like mountain tombs


Con-man will get the book of the evil dealings.  Dong-soo pledged his and Doek-mu’s money to them to the latter’s protest, but then he agreed after seeing the smiling faces of the gang.

So then the new-found-band-of-thieves went to their plan, and first up they searched for a hideout and the place where they will dig the tunnel.

The Operation Shawshank Redemption will carry on until the night before the celebration and to hide their ploy, the dirt load will be converted to burial mounds after a supposed plague that hit an area near Seokbinggo, Nani will share urban legend to the children about the plague and burial site.

Seol-hwa would keep an eye on Lord Cho’s movements as explosive expert would of course silent dynamites that are so hard to get the right mixture.


Clueless about his upcoming downfall, Lord Cho marvelled at his cronnies bribes to him and then suddenly switched to his vileness when the defense minister failed to find something that would cause trouble to Yi San, a strong contender to be the next King.


Conman used Lord Cho’s concubine to infiltrate his household. Evil Cho commanded his son to raise the cost of the ice and handed him the book of their evildoings… and then we see conman dressed as a slave done with his eavesdropping of the location of the book they needed.  


While Left Minister fumed at his useless-non-thinking minions, the thieves watched explosive expert dry run of the soundless bomb, but of course you cant count on a hard of hearing person to create the bomb they were requesting so they ended up covered with smoke after the explosion dry run. 


They continued with their excavation but they needed the blueprint to know exactly where the tunnel would lead.  Doek-mu realized fast the best person to infiltrate the palace and encouragingly tapped Dong-soo’s shoulder to do the deed.

But on Dong-soo’s break-in night he encountered an assassin so his ex-protect-the-palace instinct kicked in and chased after the swift rogue but lost him. 

At the head quarters conman was enticing the boys with his steamy encounter with Lord Cho’s concubine but while the boys were almost reaching the excitement, deaf explosive expert complained on how he’s not proceeding with the story.  *chuckles

Dong-soo arrived at the hide out in a gloomy face and told the gang about the assassin who was intending to kill Yi San.  Then Dong-soo sensed a disturbance in the force and they quickly attended to the eavesdropper who happened to be a little boy.

Nami did the mini inquisition but the little boy made an excuse that he was curious about the plague and was investigating about it. Yey! mini-sherlock.  10pts for gryffindor for your story and cheek.


The next day on the minister’s meeting there was an outburst on the attempted assassination to Yi San, but Lord Cho firmly shoved it as a propesterous idea.  Tomb-raider happily entered the hide out and demanded Dong-soo of the blueprint. 


The young boy they decided to just hostage suggested that they can use of old King Sado’s journals which were settled at a place where spartan monks were inhabiting. 


The roulette spotted mighty Dong-soo to lead the invasion.  Clearly outnumbered Dong-soo and Doek-mi relied on their feet as they ran away from the chasing monks.  They finally got the blueprint so Professor Dong-soo proceeded with Seobinggo 101 crash course.

He lectured the eight conjoined rooms of the ice storage but Doek-mu noticed a faint 9th room on the the plan, the boy hostage pointed out that the country’s architecture was very particar to #9, so the team has to make sure about their accidental discovery.


Seol-hwa and Dong-soo visited the person who can tell them about Room #9.  The all-knowing-bald-musician can only communicate with music so as Seol-hwa played the gayageum to impart their intentions, Doek-mu has to bear the all-knowing’s-daughter’s not so sweet kisses and fondling.  *pooroppa  As the height of the music conversation go on, and so was the lady’s excitement over Doek-mu, until he surrendered and they ended up thrown inside a well, but they scraped an information about Prince So-hyeon. 




Doek-mu conversed with Moneyman, and he explained how he was exiled in China for 8 years.  Doek-mu narrated how his assets were confiscated by the King except for his gold.  Now a eunuch accompanied the deposed Prince, and when the Prince died along with the gold, the Chinese eunuch also vanished.  Prince Sado (Yi San’s father) borrowed some money from a merchant and returned it before he died. 


And the merchant who was also Moneyman received the Chinese gold which could probably that of Prince Prince So-hyeon.  Doek-mu called a meeting and he convened what the 9th room probably hid – GOLD. 

So the gang got all excited except for kill-joy Dong-soo, Doek-mu agreed with including the gold as he claimed it was not the country’s asset.


Dong-soo battled with his ex-royal-guard instinct, and decided to leave the group.  Short with one man, Deafy got an idea with the explosives and signed up the boy captive to be his assistant-cum-protegee. 



He ordered him to fetch urine and cooked it in a big fire.  *eeeeew gross.period.
It became a powdery substance and after Deafy and Chatty boy went Einstein, they produced “dragon fire”.  They tested the firefly-inspired bomb and boom!  It was soundless. 

The group sat on a campfire as they watch the flame roasting the chicken. Nami mentioned how they were almost done and would have been nice if Dong-soo would come back.  Deafy wondered where he went so Chatty boy has to remind him he left.  All eyes darted at Doek-mu to try to win back Mighty Doek-mu who was then at Lord Cho’s house and has just thrown a knife to announce his presence.  Evil Lord warmly greeted him.


Dong-soo delivered a why-are-you-so-greedy? litany, but the villain Lord just shrugged about him being so overly patriotic and ordered his men to drag him out.  He wildly chased after him but was halted when Lord Cho’s son, shot him.  He almost got a second gunshot serving but transporter man and Dong-soo came rushing to rescue him.

They engaged in a feud about principles as Dong-soo blurted how he wanted to avenge his friends who died in the ice mine but he was coveting the country’s gold.  Doek-mu argued that after they get the ice and they don’t include the gold, it will be of great use for Lord Cho. 


Stubborn Dong-soo won’t budge and left Doek-mu moping with the lighted orb.
Doek-mu visited his father.  He felt so bad seeing how his father is having a hard life but the old Right Minister re-assured him that he will get by. 


Conman was still out of luck in locating the book as Cave raider meticulously survey the tunnel they created and was pounding the wall but the prodigal member came back to warn him not to push it anymore. 


They located the safe location to move the ice.  The reunited team sat on a table as Seol-hwa prepared some iced sweets, but of course Dong-soo’s bowl was extra special.

Then Moneyman entered the hideout, and it was funny how Deafy thought it was Conman under disguise.

He delivered the news that the old King passed away.  Lord Cho was in grumpy mood as the retard puppet prince he was wanting to get to the throne worried that Yi San will soon be enthroned.


So mastermind Doek-mu gathered the crew for a last minute change of plans.  They will instead heave the ice and gold the night before the enthronement ceremony.  Since it’s impossible to load the amount of blocks in 4days, Doek-mu explained that they will leave something for the celebration and will use the water canal to bridge it to the ferry where the rest of the ice blocks were waiting.

The hoistering, shoveling and water way plans looked feasible.  The ice will not be wasted because it will be thrown to the people watching the fireworks, and the explosives will push the ice to move. And with the ice shower, they will take that opportunity to seize the gold from the secret room.  Move over big bang theory geeks. *giggles


But then there’s one problem, tunnel raider doesn’t know how to swim so he cannot sever the water vein to trigger the movement of the ice.  So they needed a pro-diver who can stay long under water, and trust Doek-mu to think fast, and they all admiringly gaze at Soo-ryun to Dong-soo’s annoyance, making her the last member of the group.

Doek-mu won’t waste the chance to hit on Soo-ryun so on her practice drill, he gave her the light orb to her amazement.  And as she muttered how pretty and precious the orb, he was also thinking the same thing as he stared at her.

The gang were hefting ice when Lord Cho’s son entered the room, he refused sending ice for the celebration and pushed his guards away to take a nap. 


Tunnel-raider who has been releasing gas all throughout the movie, can’t pick a perfect timing and released another one.  The evil son heard it but dismissed the thought and resumed his lazying around.

2 days until the ceremony the men are flexing their muscles to hit the water vein as Conman was going crazy on finding the Lord Cho’s book of evildoings.  While his blood bled on his nose he hit jackpot and found what he was looking for.

The crew were so tired playing archaelogists and worried that they might not beat the deadline, but legendary tomb raider boasted that they were in good hands.

They were joined by Soo-ryun in her aeon-flux suit courtesy of future sis    in law Seol-hwa… and to complete the cast, smiling Conman appeared holding the evil evidence.

6 hours before the operation though, a complication arouse when Conman’s borrowed Lord Cho’s concubine spilled his snooping around the Master’s quarter and revealed to Lord Cho’s son the hideout of our thieves.   *hellhathnofurywhenyouleftawomanwantingmore

Evil son eavesdropped about the secret gold, and upon hearing the treasure, evil son got so engrossed.

An hour before midnight, Evil Lord presided over a meeting to cause ruckus for the election of the new King, evil son rushed to his side and whispered what he found out.

Soo-ryun stretched in preparation for her water adventure.  Tunnel-raider asked Dong-soo to go to the secret room, and when the clock striked 12, Soo-ryun unleashed the water vein trigger as Doek-mu released the bombs.


They almost didn’t survive it, but you know power of love always complement a feel good movie.  Tunnel-raider madly hearing the rushing water pressure used his bare hands as he panic on a possible drowning idea for him, and as the water and ice let out to the ferry and so was he.  *lol

Doek-mu, Dong-soo and Soo-ryun went to Room 9 and walked to the treasure.  Doek-mu opened the treasure chest and while they looked at the fortune, the evil father and sin and their assassin wielded a sword to them and was held captive. 



They were dragged to the tunnel to meet the after-life.  Dong-soo escaped his ropes and the trio tried to run away.  Doek-mu sent signal to begin the cave blowing but Deafy sensed some faulty connection.  He encouraged chatty boy to carry on his legacy and went inside to manually trigger the bomb.



The heisters met outside to face the sad truth that Deafy sacrificed himself.
And then they got captured again by Evil Lord’s right wing man, luckily Tunnel raider just got back from a trip with the ice and waters, Dong-soo freed himself from the rope and on cue Tunnel-raider threw his weapon, and Warrior Baek Dong-soo tackled the assassin and the rest went berserk fighting the enemies. 


They were leading the surge but the family’s slaves went to the rescue, and just as they were all cornered, Deafy came back from the ruins and threw an ultimate bomb that wiped out the baddies. 



But Evil Cho right and snatched Soo-ryun and to rescue his lady love, Doek-mu counted on his memory about the principles of pistol using. 


In slow motion and I really laughed at this scene, Doek-mu poised himself to target the enemy and finally end his vile existence.





The adorable thieves happily reunited but forgot Moneyman behind.  *chuckles

Yi San got enthroned and the evil gang got tortured.

And we all wonder what happened to our thieves?  12 hours before they execute their plan, they already saw the treasures but they were moved at Prince Sado’s letter to his son, Yi San. 


They decided not to take their share and helped build a better country with no system class and kindness in each of the citizen’s heart.

But of course they won’t end up empty handed, Conman’s lover to compensate for her mistake stole Lord Cho’s fortune for them to share with one another. *victorious

Then we see an epilogue of Doek-mu and Dong-soo as the former revealed how he planted the letter on the treasure and left it to fate whether the rest of the thieves would be moved to let go of their treasure share.  Eventually they did. 


The foursome couple set to their journey to Amsterdam as chatty boy grew up geeky Song Joong Ki. 


And that WordPress friends is the story of 11 quirky thieves who defied ice, gold and politics.  -jediprincess


Set in the era with so many technological limitations, The Grand Heist will mock at those heist films you have already seen.  Overflowing with humor and showcasing a smooth sailing story, this movie will leave a smile on your face after watching it.

Modern heist films normally brag about the tricks and the smarts they utilized to get their score, this production is no different but it was made even so much better.  It’s not a precious diamond or a pricey antiquated work of art in spotlight to be pinched but ICE.  Why ICE?  Because at that time it was a very indispensable commodity.  How a band of thieves execute their premeditated plan to procure a tantamount ice stock and transport it to another storage is for you to watch (or read on my blog).  *wink

This fusion period movie was well mixed and well done.  I promise you cuteness and humor.  I promised you it’s gonna be worth your time.


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