CAST:  Ha Ji Won and Kim Myung Min

Closer to Heaven was a very painful and yet love-affirming romance between a dying man who wants to live, and a woman who makes a living when a person dies.  Ji-soo was twice divorced because of her job as a she-undertaker, the love that was deprived of her, she fully realized when she met Jong-woo who will eventually die because of Lou Gehrig’s disease. This was a lovestory that will make you realize how blessed you are in a relationship because there are those who really want to love one another all the days of their lives but they have to battle death for it.


This movie has had me made me feel so weak with my convictions when it comes to loving someone.  You see I’m always the practical type, if I survey the situation and I know for a fact that there’s no common ground to hit, I won’t consider dating someone.  But there went Ji-soo – she knew right there and then that the man was dying but she never cared of the future together but of what she was feeling.


On a viewer’s perspective, the eventual outcome is already expected, but the strength of this film, was how it narrated the progression of the “sickness conflict” while the lovers involved fought hard to rely on an impossible love even on the onset.


A perfectly portrayed and a moving story of understanding the pain that comes when loving someone and loving someone when you are in pain.  With solid acting from Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won, this will touch your heart and will make you cry. Quintessential yet saddening, poignant and affecting… ^_^


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