<insert mixed mission impossible and Harry Potter theme>


I have to create a time line to connect the pieces, the characters, the trips to memory lane, the events and the conflicts evolving to the magical world of Jeonwoochi… and yes Hello Harry Potter, meet your long lost Korean brother. •wink
It started off beat for me but my part-witch-and-even-now-still-Gyeonwoo-lovestruck-self stayed loyal and while it groped its way to my curiosity, it finally hit the right nerve, and I stayed firm and loyal happily sending him off on the finale episodes. It was a scenario where patience is required to finish the drama to realize its potential and worth.


Jeonwoochi relied on its profound characters to cover the loose ends and frustrating subplots of the story.  But it was also where I saw a very stubborn cast as a whole and a hero who albeit his magical prowess and sort of brainy-self was sometimes confused on his strategies to defeat the opposing warlocks.


 Jeonwoochi narrated a Taoist wizard who hunted down his former fellow sorcerer friend, Gang Rim, after he destroyed their Taoist wizard community and runaway with the woman they both loved.  He has the Naruto cloning ability which comes in handy when he went to Joseon to track his frenemy.



Gang-rim almost killed Jeonwoochi if not for the last remaining help Jeonwoochi got from a surviving Wizard of the temple.  Gang-rim served his uncle-evil-wizard who harbored hatred to the Wizards of Yuldo.


They resumed the battles and adventures in Joseon era and both parties worked their way to protect and outsmart one another.  Jeonwoochi looked like he was Hercules on to a series of task to avenge his Wizard clan, to save the girl he loved and to protect the people of Joseon. 


He has to first undo the poisonous spell controlling Mu-Yeon to progress in his plans to obliterate Gang-rim and his Lord-Sith-Evil-Uncle.  As the grand-daughter of HongGilDong, Mu-yeon possessed strong magical powers and she also held the knowledge of the location of the silver mine Evil-uncle needed to proceed with his dark plans to devastate Joseon.  With the help of a book Jeonwoochi acquired he was able to take out the evil mojo bridling Mu-yeon but Mu-yeon convinced him that she has to pretend she’s still with the baddies to help him win over them.  Saddened by the thought of the people she killed when she was in her villain self, when the time came that the Evil-duo can be defeated, she used her powers to destroy the cave and trapped her with the fiends. 


Years later Jeonwoochi went to his news-reporter front while rendering justice to yangbans and officials that were misbehaving in Joseon.  He crossed path again with Mu-yeon who has lost her Taoist skills.  They reunited and cut to the Uncle-nephew-warlocks who were able to survive the mountain accident.


The conflict on the second half of the story involved the King and the Queen and the Left Minister.  While the Left Minister rampaged on his connivance with Uncle Evil to spite the young weak king, Jeonwoochi and Mu-yeon backed up the King and Queen. 


They were able to trap Gang-rim with Taoist runes. Mu-yeon begged him to leave the dark side, but he shoved her off and left to go back to his camp.  Mu-yeon threw a dagger at Uncle Evil, and in his dying breath revealed to him that he was his son and that he was meaning to destroy Joseon because he wanted him to get his rightful place to a country he really belonged.  Sparked up with his birth secret and his Uncle-real-life-father’s death, he set forth to blame the world.


First he kidnapped Mu-yeon and sent a note to jeonwoochi to choose who he will be protecting, the reunion of King and Queen or the love of his life.  Jeonwoochi walked the Queen towards the waiting King while arrows were pointing to tied Mu-yeon.  Gang-rim pulled the arrow towards the happy Royal couple and with his enchantment turned the single arrow to multiple ones as Jeonwoochi plunged to cover the Queen’s body.  Mu-yeon on the other hand closed her eyes as the arrow was approaching her and opened her eyes to see Jeonwoochi. 


It turned out that Jeonwoochi’s servant volunteered for him to feign Jeonwoochi’s stature to walk the Queen.  Gang-nim and Jeonwoochi engaged to a final showdown where of course the goodness prevailed.


As what I’ve mentioned earlier, you have to be really patient as it was an adventure that was really not that engrossing. If truth be told, it was really Cha Tae Hyun’s Jeonwoochi portrayal that saved the day.  I almost sent a howler to Mu-yeon to make her understand that there are really people who can’t be given a chance to change when she let Gang-rim out of the talisman cage.  For me her performance was flat. 


Jeonwoochi might have failed to live through its “consistency” mantra but it was still a good watch.  This drama has half-convinced me to give a fair rating because of the humor surge and main actor’s performance.  Other than that the screenplay, directing and even the visual effects were just mediocrely done.


If you need a neutralizer to the 2013 romance drama spree, trust Jeonwoochi to provide you a breather.  Bewitching and fun, this drama won’t brag much but will make you smile. -jediprincess ^_^




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