I initially feared that this movie could go overrated considering the familiar plot and stellar main leads but I’m so happy to have chanced upon a very beautiful, unconventional, heartwarming first love movie. The last time I felt it was with the film “The Classic” and I couldn’t be any happier witnessing a young love that was not bound to happen but felt so right.


Suni moved to a new house with her family. Her father passed away and the son of his father’s business partner who harbored unreturned love for her helped them settle to the new home. The house was previously owned by a doctor who died mysteriously.



Then a young man who appeared to have caved in for a while resurfaced, and unsure of who should take care of him Suni’s family temporarily took care of him, and named him Cheol-su.


Cheol-su extremely loved to eat and in a rush, barbaric way but Suni was able to make use of the dog training book she read and little by little he learned the normal way of how human lives. She taught him how to be patient and was able to form a bond that only her and him can understand.


When Suni refused to see the evil suitor, Cheol-su got enraged and morphed to a beast and dealt with evil suitor and his minions. Evil suitor demanded to take him out the house but the police decided against his claim. He accidentally bumped on the old house owner’s belonging and located a professor who revealed that the deceased former house owner was experimenting on fusing the qualities of a wolf and a human to create strong soldiers, thus the end product was Cheol-su. The latter got caged and underwent observation and was proven not harmful but evil suitor taunted him to show his beast nature and to save Cheol-su from the town police who was after him, she has to push him away so he won’t follow her.



Suni and her family left the house eventually and left a letter for him.

47 years later halmoni Suni got a call from Korea that the house was up for selling as a new resort was soon to be built. For the last time, she slept at the house and in the morning she went to Cheol-su’s roomcage, and there he was… he didn’t age and was holding the letter she left for him.


The fantasy element surprisingly blended to the heartfelt connection of the main couple as the simplicity of the narrative and the conflict failed to stripped the amazing progression of this moving love tale that will surely tug your heart.


Song Joong-ki was very remarkable in his role, mind you he only said a few words all throughout the movie and his chemistry with Park Bo Young was very evident. They should do a drama together. I strongly recommend this movie for first time korean movie watcher. I promise you, sweet sighing moments and bliss. I promise you those young love memories you miss.



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