Since ” A dog of flanders”, I have stayed away from dog movies because it put me on trauma when I was a young girl.  *giggles  When I got a little older and I thought I can face the world on my own, another dog movie threw me to tear binge – Hachiko Monogatari.  Since then, I have been searching for a man who will be as patient as Hachiko.  I have been waiting in vain because that won’t happen.  In between Myungwol the Spy and my tab space memory running out I decided to finish Hearty Paws to free some space and I made the right decision.  It brought me to tears as expected and I am really closed to being a certified Yoo Seung Ho stalker

. Image

“Hearty Paws” tells about the story of Chan, Soyi and Hearty.  Chan and Soyi’s mother left them in their auntie’s care and went to the city to earn money but she never came back.  Since Soyi wanted a dog for her birthday, Chan stole a pup for his sister’s birthday gift.  Chan loved his sister so much and has been living a simple life with her and their dog.  He was willing to take all the hardships in life and was trying to be strong for his sister.


While playing in the snowfield reigned by Hearty, Chan excused himself to poop, and when hearty saw a kite, he got distracted and run after it, but the ice broke and a hole was created.  Soyi followed and when Chan realized what was happening, he ran after then but it was too late as Soyi fell in the hole and died. Image

Chan sought his mother’s location but he could not bring up to her the news of Soyi’s passing. He has also disregarded Hearty and left him when he went to Busan, little did he know that his dog followed him.  He joined a group of children handled by a thug because he has nowhere else to go, and later saw Hearty while he was being caught in front of a public locker stand where he kept Soyi’s favorite pink bag given by their mother.  Hearty was also included by the gang but he later earned the ire of the gang leader when he stood up to his friend.  The next day they were brought to a theme park while Hearty was pawned to the ferocious fighter dog of the gang leader.  He was left wounded and hurting in a trash lot.  The minions of gang leader hinted what happened to Hearty and in Chan’s anger he slammed Becky’s dog cage waking up the gang meany and the rest of the household.  He was almost thrown at Becky’s cage but his friend called the police to rescue him.

. Hearty Paws1

Chan set forth to do what ever may come to him, but got hold up when gang leader chased after him and tried to abduct him.  Hearty came to rescue him and his cold heart warmed up with his dog’s sincerity, thus they went back to their dog-bromance.  When Chan got sick, Hearty looked after him, and when the police took him to look for his guardian, on Hearty’s barking, they were alerted that Chan was being kidnapped.  Crazy gang leader blaming Chan on his business decline and his pet dog’s demise tried to kill him, but trust Hearty to save his master.  Evil villain beat Hearty, and in his struggling sick self, Chan mustered his remaining strength to the dog that has given all of his life to him

. Hearty_Paws-013

Hearty unfortunately suffered so much, and in the end Chan and him went back home.  Chan woke up and saw Hearty lying down on the gate trying to go somewhere.  Chan figured where he was meaning to go, and in the bus stop where he and Soyi used to stay to wait for him.  Hearty bid goodbye to his master. *sniff *sniff Another heartwarming movie you can share with your family, and if you are a dog lover like me, I can guarantee this as a nice watch.



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