I also don’t know how I was able to finish this movie.  I’m crediting it to my watching of Ariel Lin’s “It Started with a Kiss” and “They Kiss Again” before, but to comment on it bluntly, it was a love in a many splendored cliches movie.  It’s funny as well that the girl from the Taiwan drama who together with Jiang Zhisu nursed me when I was heart-broken gave me a story I was with before.

A very predictable plot, not so much romantic vibes and no quirkiness from the story and the supposed to be love web, I relied mainly on my goal to try to update my Taiwan movie/drama bucket to stay not dozing on the development of the romance and the lack of it and the forced placing of it in the story.


Ariel played the role of a cheerful woman who became a commitment-phobe when her first love who showered her with rose petals, songs and promises left him as he became a pop star.  She went through 5 stages of grief and with the help of her supportive family, she was able to find herself on board in living again but she created a protective bubble and rules of dating which mainly directs her to not really dating at all.


Then came Dr. Cute whom she met while she volunteered in her grandfather’s hospital.  The laughter therapy she initiated was also the same program he was working on so their constant meetings were inevitable.

She tried to dismiss the growing feelings she was feeling for him and was looking for excuses and loopholes in Dr. Cute’s to-good-to-be-true persona to no avail, but the more she made an effort to deny the attraction, the more it was sinking deeper into her.


The main conflict arose when she came into terms that there’s no way out for her but to accept that she has fallen in love with him but she has to choose between making him stay to be with her or pretending their love is imaginary so that he would proceed to fulfill his lifelong doctor dream. Her fear in accepting a romantic involvement was the main story mover, and I was expecting a winningsome romantic scenes sweetly executed by the main lead actor to thaw the ice cold heart of the lead actress.

While I like the confusion-and-moment-of-truth-shock on love confrontations that involved “achieving dreams”, I mustered all my strength to get through into completing the remaining 5 minutes of the movie.  You see I have witnessed bucket of romance stories… read, heard and watched it all my life, that’s why when I knew on the onset of the movie what I will be expecting, I was hoping at least they would put some funk on the typical love phobia storyline.  Unfortunately though, it failed to do so.  It’s bordering to mediocrely done and almost passing.


Just remember Ariel gave you ISWAK AND TKA if you will watch Lovesick.  I’m scheduled to watch this movie couple’s drama project In Time With You, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will give me a different result.

Typical, not so much quirky and heart-fluttering romance for a love flick, I really don’t like this, so if you liked it I’m sorry, if not, you’re welcome with my saving you from a bad rom-com movie.


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