When Go Mi-soo misdiagnosed a patient, her doctor’s license went in danger, and only if she can convince a fireman, Kang-il, who was assaulted by the patient’s husband’s victim to side with her to reveal the violent nature of the former can she be reprieved of the situation and improve her chance on her medical suspension. She tried ways to persuade Kang-il by using faith, seduction and even attempting to jump on a bridge to catch his attention but his distant self stayed firm.


Then Mi-soo volunteered for community service and joined the rescue team to inch herself closer to Kang-il. In one of their rescue operations, Mi-soo’s constant fainting left her unconscious in the building’s basement, and when Kang-il noticed it and went back to the site, as soos as he held her unconscious body, the after treatment of the gas leak proceeded, shutting the room and filling it up icy temperature. The previously bickering pair was left no choice but to rely on each other’s nakedness to battle hypothermia.


When they were rescued, Kang-il lightened up and started opening himself to Mi-soo. He also revealed to her the pain he still feels whenever the memory of his deceased wife surges. But just when they were leading into rescuing each other and falling in love in the process, Mi-soo’s impending license issue reached an almost no escaping point because the patient’s condition worsened. She tried swaying Kang-il but he remained unmoved about his initial decision. The patient’s husband locked and hung himself but was revived by Mi-soo, and even if it was hard for her to leave the profession she so wanted, she resigned from her job and sought forgiveness from the patient’s husband. She met up with Kang-il and inside a church, she declared her love for him. But since she knew that he was not fully healed of his dead wife’s memories, she decided she has to let him go. 


Kang-il went back to the station and they headed to another dangerous encounter as they tried to rescue a man stuck by a boulder in a collapsing building.  Kang-il’s careless hero attitude kicked in again and decided to stay by the victim’s side and try to lift him in the split chance they will have once they induce a rapture.  He was able to free the man but they got caught by the wall debris falling. Luckily they were rescued and as he groped back to consciousness, he had an epiphany of Mi-soo.  He woke up and plot-crazy-warranted stood up, ran and look for the girl he is now ready to love back. They met in an intersection and shared a sweet, loving kiss and they carried on with their saving lives along with the rescue team.

Love_911-0022Love 911_korean_movie-2

Most love stories tell an evident 100% love from its onset, that being said I liked how the adoration build up in this movie. It was not “impossible instant”, but “I know where you’ve been” kind of love. I liked that the man was wounded this time, and the woman did the chasing to make the man fall for her and to heal his broken heart. It was a reversal of romantic roles that exuded understanding and maturity in handling love replies. 


It was a very comforting movie to witness, and not much korean movie cliches too.  It was a balanced rom-com that presented a picture of how love begins when we intend it to happen. It was filled with humor, funny supporting cast, and a couple you will really root for to be together. 


The thing about love is that it “grows”… so it is not something to be forced but to be realized. LOVE 911 nailed this romantic reality. Sometimes all we need is someone who can make us believe that we are wrong in thinking that we haven’t moved on yet from the pain of a previous relationship. If we have been doing it all alone, and nothing has been happening, then maybe we have to let someone help us … maybe push us to work even more, or maybe take our hands to do it together. 


This was an engrossing love movie I’m so happy I picked to get back on board from a quick kmovie hibernation. -jediprincess



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