This was a movie that until now I can’t reconcile why I was able to finish it.  It was bordering between plain to abysmal.  It was supposed to be a romantic comedy but the romance part I thought was playing hide-and-seek with me.  Chinese rom-coms are really far behind the Korean love video pills acting and story wise.  They really should invest in good stories first and not predictable ones.

Kwon Sang Woo oppa was soo good in Pained and it really baffled me why he took on this project.  Let’s just blame it to him trying to expand his stardom to the Chinese audience, but really it was such a waste of talent.


The story went like this… Paris, an heiress to a business empire was thought to be affected by a disaster in her visit to Korea, and because her father was stuck sick in the hospital, it would affect their position in the company especially because of her uncle who has been wanting to usurp the top position.  To remedy the situation, Kwon Jung Hoon (Paris’ boyfriend) approached a woman who looked exactly like his missing girlfriend to assume his lost GF’s identity in order to pacify the situation in the company and the worsening health of the Chairman.

Paris’ doppelganger acquiesced to Jung Hoon’s proposition but started awkward in imitating the heiress because of their extreme opposite personalities.  While Paris was bossy, cold and classy, Qin Xin was meek, natural and warm.  Eventually, Qin Xin was able to adapt Paris identity in time for a charity ball hosted by her evil uncle. 


Paris on the other hand made contact with her cousin and was aware of the contingency plan by Jung Hoon.  Conflict arose when Jung Hoon’s emotion was swayed towards Qin Xin who was also feeling the same way with him.  On the night of the ball, Paris emerged unannounced and met Qin Xin for the first time, the latter stepped down to the role she was playing sadly because of the fondness she felt over Jung Hoon.

Paris made Jung Hoon chose between her and Chung Xin.  Jung Hoon apologized for breaking Paris’ heart and decided to be together with the girl who has made him fall in love unexpectedly fast.

There… that was just the story about.  No frills, nothing new, not even something that would make your heart flutter.  This movie no matter how I tried to see any hint of goodness in it, I still am unable to compose a decent encouragement to watch it, as there’s really nothing worth seeing.  I’m sorry.



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