It was a very nice premise, however David Levithan’s “EVERYDAY” failed to consistently amuse me.  What got me curious was the situation of the main character “A” who doesn’t have a physical body and wakes up each morning inhabiting and sharing someone else’s life.  It was a novelty and I was so looking forward on how the protagonist will play each day in a literal varied life, but after a few chapters I felt I was just going in circles and found myself drifting from A’s world.

The main conflict from the onset was how “A” thrived each day adapting to the identity of the person he was hosting at.  He has become acquiescent of it until he fell in love with a girl, Rhiannon, an emotion new to him and impossible to prolong with given the scenario of his existence, but he made it work out by counting on Rhiannon’s faith in his metaphysical life.

It was a very sad love story narrated in an unimaginable perspective that’s why maybe I stayed with it even if there was really nothing much going on.  I know for a fact that there will be a safe closure eventually and I appreciated that Levithan didn’t go beyond the unusual premise by giving “A” a body he can live to have a happy-ever-after with the girl he loved.  If he did, he’ll really get a big BOO! from me.

While I move along with the story I was not that consumed to its progression, as there was never any.  It was like accompanying a friend from a series of friendly-going-to-romantic dates when all along she was still stuck at the last boy she fell in love with.

I managed to finish reading it even after I lost interest after 6 chapters.   It was I think a case of over patience or just wanting to justify the cost of the book I bought.  *chuckles  I’m perplexed on how it climbed to bestseller list, and though it was not really that good “reading experience” for me, I would give it an almost fair rating, well at least it didn’t annoy me.  *wink


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