Even if I enjoyed the amusing and lively editing, I didn’t like how predictable and unruly the characters were in this story.  For some weird reasons, I have seen most of Lee Si Young’s romcoms, and while undoubtedly she has a knack in comic-romance timing, I can’t feel her connection with the leading man, and not because he’s not that good-looking *giggles but because his projected persona was not that appealing to weave a cold Romeo with side arrogance issues.



So Lee Si Young played the role of Choi Bo-na, an unappealing girl who struggled to make the male population notice and adore her.  She is often times overlooked because of how basically she dressed and carried herself.  When she was left behind the production team she was working with packed up, she had an epiphany of a video shop where an ajussi introduced a video manual on how she can attract boys.  Bewildered and not buying the whole idea, she got sidetracked by ajussi’s sale pitch when he threw in a remark that something dark will happen to her if she won’t purchase it.  So she went home holding the “Instruction on how to Charm Men” video and was not really meaning to see it.  But then she found herself watching the video non-sense and actually learning a thing or two from it.  Soon the changes from her confidence were emerging and she even landed sharing sheets with a Hallyu star she at first had a bad encounter.  After their one night stand, the girl went keen in following the video manual and was able to draw the Hallyu star, Lee Jung Se, closer to her, but still the latter was still disregarding her because of his top star status so she devised a way to make him fall for her even more, and with hint of jealousy and not extending her attention to him, Jung-se found himself smitten by the Assistant’ director’s charm.



Just when everything is falling on the right places and just when both of them were acknowledging their presence in each other’s lives, the eventual conflict of the lead guy knowing about the manual she was following put a wall between them.  The growing and steadying fondness were almost halted but because the power of love can cure almost everything, they found the way back to each other’s arms.

This is the usual love movie, where viewers would already know what will happen in the story, and yet we stayed watching it hoping that at least it would draw some funk at least, but nothing happened.  I hate it when there’s a love misunderstanding and the people involved won’t give a chance to explain their sides.  In this modern time, where communication can be reached online and offline, if a relationship will be misunderstood, then there was no connection at all between the people claiming they were into each other. 

2013 - How to Use Guys with Secret Tip (Still 4)

It was a sleek directing and editing, that’s what you will really notice about this film, considering that the plot was not a novelty, the director was able to make it so appealing because of how it was narrated.

I love the idea of how the lead couple “fell in love”, against their personality differences and going beyond their comfort zones, but I hated that they acted stupid on the course of falling in love.

I would give a fair rating on this film because I really found the editing cute and appetizing, but don’t account on a lingering effect, because you won’t find it. -jediprincess



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