This thriller flick kicked start in an electric tone that it caught my attention all throughout its duration.  It was smooth and I hated that I didn’t figure out what was happening until the very end revelation.

Confession of Murder tells the intertwining fate of a police officer, a serial killer, the family of the victims and a serial-killer-wanna-be.

Lieutenant Choi had an encounter with a faceless serial killer who has created havoc in the city killing 10 women.  He almost pinned him but the slimy manslayer was able to escape.

2012 - Confession of Murder (Still 6)

After 15 years when the statute of limitations from the murder committed ended, a book author emerged and released a book “Confession of Murder” claiming he was the serial killer of the cold case 15 years ago.  He was able to narrate in detail the details of the vicious killings.  The media and society feasted on the absurdity of the idea and were crossed on how to react on the ownership and the strange bravery of the handsome author.  And as soon as his identity was known public, the families of the women he murdered executed a plot to abduct him to reveal the location of where his final kill was.


So the still-grieving families of the victims connived a ploy to abduct Lee Do Seok by pushing snakes to attack him while he was doing his swimming routine.  They intercepted him by posing as the emergency team but the real emergency team appeared so their plan was discovered.   The police bodyguards and Lt. Choi tried to claim Do-seok back in a gripping pursuit, but the 15-year-grief-stricken-villains came up victorious.  But Lt. Choi was able to track down the location of the hideout of the perpetrators and was able to rescue his newly-met nemesis.


Do-seok gave an after-kidnapping interview and promised his appearance on a public television debate.  I love the involvement of media in this movie, it was really nonsensical cute and feisty, and they added the spice in the plot in their stubbornness to sensationalize the events.


Public television debate came and the famous killer-turned-writer faced the police officer he evaded.  He remained firm with his early statement of the reason behind his surprise publication to the mixed response of the audience and his detractors.  The segment for phone-in questions was inserted and a strange caller spoke and recounted details that were familiar with Lieutenant Choi.  At the end of the call he claimed that he was the true serial killer.

The new development created ruckus in the public and to support his claim the serial killer claiming the book author was fraud agreed on another public debate, and he even gave a tip of a location where he buried the last kill who turned out to be Lt. Choi’s ex-lover.


Lt. Choi listened to the evidence they acquired in the past years to scrape some clues detrimental to the investigation and on the day of their face off, the two claiming the crime and the officer who failed to catch the serial killer, threw measuring glances to one another.

“J”, the other serial killer, chronicled how he did his last kill and on cue, a live external feed from the tip he earlier gave showed the skeleton of the last woman he massacred to the fury of Lt. Choi and her mother sitting in the audience stand.  After his boasting, Do-seok affirmed that he was not the serial killer but the son of the first woman who was killed.  He also revealed the conspiracy he put on together with Lt. Choi. 

They inadvertently planned the whole scheme to make the real killer go out from his rabbit hole to finally claim justice from all his evil doings. 


Just because I don’t want to spoil everything and it’s a really must watch thriller, I would stop from here and would just give a strong encouragement to watch this movie.  I was on the edge of my seat on the chase-the-killer-fight scenes of this movie, and until now, I still can’t accept that I wasn’t able to deduce the ending twist of this movie.  *pout 

I thought when the “who’s the real killer conflict” was raised there will be a showdown between them, but there wasn’t.  Years of watching Dexter and Criminal Minds, I thought I have all of it figured out when it comes to socio and psychopaths, but this movie surprisingly amazed and amused me.  Well hidden, director… Well Done!   

Niftily written and cleanly executed… this was such a riveting delight and will be one of my favorites for the 2012 movies.



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