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I have drafted my Jang Ok Jung recap and will just bravely watch the finale episodes… After Episode 20, I drifted away. I am not hoping from some miracle to salvage the story as I don’t think it still can. Less the sudden let’s-confuse-the-characters-attack, it would have been really nice. Can we just end it with evil uncle’s death, Dong Yi being sent to China because I don’t like her face, the political factions in a WWF Royal Rumble match to settle their dispute once and for all and Chi Soo falling from a cliff and waking up with amnesia? Please? Can We?


I’m still on a roll in the variety land… it is such a happy place to be with. The sibling special of Daddy, Where Are We Going really made me giggled and laughed maniacally that my mom got worried I maybe marrying someone soon.


On a funny note, I’ve been finishing Gwanghae in installment. *lol and it was really a nice film but I can’t seem to end it in one sitting. I promise to finish it first thing in the morning tomorrow before I finish Nine Times Travel.


If Miami Heat wins the championship, I won’t watch kdrama for a month. So please Spurs be nice to me. *wink



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