I promise you a heart-warming tale that will make you smile and cry.  I promise you a movie experience that you will remember. 

This daddy-daughter-love film was a heart-wrenching picture that sent me to tear-land.  With its simple and yet meaningful theme of a father’s love to her daughter and a daughter’s appreciation to his loving father, I really thanked the stars for giving me such a captivating movie brimming with resonating filial love.


Wrongfully accused of kidnapping and murdering the daughter of the police bureau chief, a mentally-challenged father was imprisoned and was separated to his 6-year old daughter.  When he saved the leader of the cell room he was assigned to from a fatal attack, he was granted a wish and he can only think of seeing his daughter again.  The inmates who can sneak in almost anything was able to smuggle the daughter inside and they embarked in a quest to uncover the truth before the final trial of the father’s case that could make or break him to execution.


Despite drawing the separated father and daughter conflict from the onset of the movie, the unhappy situation was remedied by stacking what prisoners make use of the skills they were jailed for to help their mentally-challenged cell brother see his daughter.  Hinting the idea of goodness in an unlikely place and bravely depicting evil doings in a place where justice was supposed to be upheld was one of the many eye openers presented courageously in this movie.


The impeccable comic timing cushioned the sensitive and sad realities of how people with authorities abuse the power given to them.

It was an emotional scene when the half-witted father who can barely grasp situations managed to understand the abusive fright warning he got from the villain will put his daughter in danger, and as a loving father who wanted to protect his child, he forcibly took his death sentence for his daughter to live.


I was sobbing at the last scene when the people around the father and daughter were aware of the eventual execution but the father can’t fully realized it happening because of his intellect as the daughter was not aware that she will never see him again for good.


This prison bound film will touch any daughter and any father’s heart who sees it.  It was a great on-screen performance by the father and daughter duo and the prison friends cast helping them.  Claiming the all-time 3rd place box office success, should be credited to its moving story that was personified splendidly by the characters.

Buoyant and sad, this is an encouraging and gladdening movie must watch.  –jediprincess 




Lee Ye-seung lived with his mentally-impaired father, Lee Yong-gu.  Despite his being dim-witted, he was a loving father to his daughter.  Before her first school day, they would always go to a store to stare at a sailor moon bag Ye-seung really liked, but the last piece was sold to their disappointment.


While counting his salary, Yong-gu was approached by the little girl who bought the last bag and told him that she saw another store that sells it.  They went to the store but an unfortunate casualty happened.  A witness saw ong-gu kissing the young girl who lay unconscious in an attempt to revive her.  Because of the witness’ statement, the police’ coercion and not comprehending the situation he was set into, Yong-gu was imprisoned.


He was assigned to a cell where 5 other prisoners with serious offenses lived.  Yong-gu was beaten hard by his in-mates when they learned of his offense but they soon got along together when Yong-gu covered his body to protect the gang leader from another boss of a rival gang.  Owing his life to Yong-gu, he asked him what he wanted to have but he can only think of his daughter.



Operation smuggle-Ye-sung was orchestrated and they sneaked her in while a religious worship event was happening and where Ye-seung was one of the children brought along.  The father and daughter happily reunited, but it was short-lived since the choir she was brought with was set to depart.  They were left with no choice but to have her stay, but the warden officer soon realized her existence and was sent back to the orphanage while Yong-gu was jailed in seclusion as punishment.


A prisoner threw a fit when the news of the girl breaking in spread, he caused ruckus and set up A fire in the prison.  The Warden officer tried to negotiate but to no avail.  The flame enormously spread as the lead prison officer was knocked out.  Yong-gu saw it happened and his kind heart rescued the unconscious cell officer.

2013 - Miracle in Cell No. 7 (Still 1)

Ye-seung’s teacher sensing something off happened to her student asked if she has some troubles and bright Ye-sung suggested a parent-consultation with her father so she can also see him.  So off they went to the bastille and the warden was moved by the father and daughter’s strong love and contemplated on Yong-gu’s case.

2013 - Miracle in Cell No. 7 (Still 4)

The warden soon learned of Yong-gu’s innocence and was just a victim of police brutality and justice manipulation.  Ye-seung fell ill and when the warden officer visited her in the hospital, he decided to give her a free pass at Cell No. 7.


Ye-sung grew close with her uncle prisoners and was the source of their happiness.  She has helped them reunite with their families and even taught the leader how to read.

Young-gu later on blurted what happened on the day the little girl died, and the in-mates played detective in deducting what might have happened in the crime scene.  Uncle leader thought it was weird that she fell down not with her arm first but with her head.


Through their reenactment, they figured out that it was an unfortunate accident that killed the little girl.  She slipped and the weight of her bag pulled her down and got caught with a brick that landed on her forehead.

Yong-gu explained that he was trying to do CPR to revive the kid against the police claim of him molesting her.  They prepared Yong-gu for the trial to avoid an imminent death sentence for him but up against the police commissioner who was the father of the young girl he was accused of killing, it was a no easy task.

pc_600x450 (1)

The day of the last hearing came, the police commissioner met up with Yong-gu to traumatize and forced him to admit to the sin he didn’t do or he will kill his own daughter.  In the final trial, thinking only of the possibility that his daughter might be in danger, he conceded to the crime to protect Ye-sung.


The cell inmates sat with Ye-seung and Yong-gu in their final meal together.  The uncles gave Ye-seung her Christmas presents and her father finally gave her the yellow sailormoon bag.  It was an emotional day for the people around them who understood what was bound to happen.  In between the prison bars separating them, Yong-gu and Ye-seung wept in their last goodbye.


Years later, Ye-seung stood before the justice court to exonerate his father’s name of the crime that took his life away from her.






17 thoughts on “The heartwarming “miracle in cell no. 7”

  1. i’m an aspiring blogger too (mostly abt asian dramas) but i made a choice to quit all TV at least for a while. It’s a friday night and i really wanted to watch this movie.. thank u for the recaps! it’s prob different on screen but just looking at the screen caps make me teary eyed (esp the ending T.T)

  2. My question in this movie, why in that last goodbye they open the case. After that they just only read the result of the case that Yo gou is not guilty,, but yo gou is already dead,, only the ends of this movie get me mad,

    1. Hi, the ending was designed as to make the daughter redeem the wrong accusation to her father. She wants to clear his name. And yes it was not a happy ending but it made us reflect on the pure love of a father to his daughter. ^_^

  3. Thanks for the recap, I also saw the movie but I am confused about something. Isn’t the female lawyer his grown up daughter in the future? So how does she appear in the same time as her dad? Didn’t her dad die when she was a kid? I’m talking about: ” After admitting to the crime, Yong Goo keeps saying sorry and ask to help Ye Seong, and even said thanks… The chief got really angry and shouting, asking is Yong Goo crazy and why is he being sorry when nobody said sorry to him. Yong Goo was put on death sentence on 23rd Dec, the same day as Ye Seong’s birthday.” After he says that, the female lawyer throws someones pen on the ground and says the investigators forged their report or something. How can she be there? I thought that was Yong Goo’s daughter? How is she all grown up and beside him, didn’t he die when she was young?

    Can you please explain to me what happens here? I’m so confused! I thought it was a great movie, cried a lot. But I’m just so confused!

      1. Thanks for the recommendation abby. Seems quite an obscure movie, on my drama list there are no reviews and it’s only been rated by a measly 12 people. I’ll add it to the list ^_^

      2. Oppa, heartwarming movies are really my secret movie fetish, which is now not secret..

        I am flu stricken.. been sleeping, dazed and confused each time i wake since yesterday…

        Tried starting on some movies… no luck yet, hopefully tomorrow i will get to watch 2 or 3 and finish fugitive of joseon already…

      3. Happy birthday month my dazed and confused abby *hugs*

        When someone says the words “movie fetish”, I get nervous, thinking the worst. I don’t expect anyone to say “heartwarming movies”, unless it’s you of course. Your secret is safe with us >_^

        I hope the confusion passes tomorrow. Fugitive of Joseon allegedly has a satisfactory ending.

        I’ll be giving Nine a second chance this week 🙂

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