I was moved to tears and felt happy after witnessing this engaging film of a man who has made his dream come true by making a young man reach his dreams too.  Simply narrated and a story full of heart, this heartwarming movie was a surprise birthday gift for me today.


My Little Hero tackled issues concerning the position in the Korean society of children who has mixed parentage.  An eye-opener for the existing unfair treatment, the film subtly expressed encouragement and awareness to the viewers in case they don’t know how mixed breed children’s life felt like. 


A Production company launched a talent search to determine who will conduct and play the lead role of a musical production that will hit the West End and Broadway.  They summoned acclaimed Theater Directors and screened talented young boys for the program but at the last minute a director withdraw her part so the producers rushed for a last minute replacement.


Enter Yoo Il Han, an all-talk-full-of-himself-not-that-famous-musical-director who has been fixing his life for God knows when, but still hasn’t been able to get back on the slump.  He was working at a third rate musical company and was set to go to the US to leave the group when he got the part for the talent program. 


The blind audition came in and the directors will choose by hearing the voices of the young men, and to break the tie in case two directors chose one, the artist will pick the director of his choice.  Il-han was smitten by the heavenly voice of a young boy and so is another director, but when the revelation came and he saw a not-so-Korean looking boy, he desperately hoped, the boy will not pick him… however Il-han was chosen, and so the pairing of the underdog musical director and a Filipino-Korean boy was set.


Apprehensive that a mixed breed who really doesn’t look like a Korean will play the role of young King Jungjo, Il-han was really carrying a big heart on the project but little by little seeing how Glory really worked hard for his role, his cold exterior was melted.  They passed the first and second round elimination and was preparing for the finale night but the production company bribed Il-han with a directorial position for a big production. 


For days Il-han debated on his thoughts and finally flew to the Philippines to get Glory back in time for the Finale night.  The head of the production company cannot be swayed in his decision to have Il-han replaced Glory with one of the contestant who was eliminated, and was surprised when he saw Il-han walking with Glory. 


The evil prod-company head  drew his last card confronting Il-han his fraudulent musical education.  Facing a dilemma that will finish his career in the musical production world and bringing up a talent who is worthy of a big stage, Il-han begged Director Min who was eliminated in the previous round to take Glory to the stage.

On his final performance, Glory stood in the stage, cried and not wanting on start his performance.  Il-han talked to him but the little boy muttered how the role he was playing doesn’t fit him because he was dark.  Il-han encouraged him and assured him that he is a Korean.


Glory finished his outstanding portrayal leaving the audience in tears and amazement.  He won the part as Il-han walked away from the theater.

Best watched with your nieces or nephews, this is a family drama with the right amount of tears, music dreams, humor, friendship and happiness that your heart will surely remember.  -jediprincess



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