joo won

This is it!  This will be the break I badly need from the sad summer kdramaland this year.  Joo Won-ie is really coming strong in this drama, I just hope that her lead girl would do her part as she seems to be in extension from her previous role in Innocent Man so far.  I worry on how they are going to create the love line, not that Shi-on’s character is not likeable it’s just unrealistic if it will lead to a full pledge love… maybe just maybe they will have him undergo a neuro operation that will touch a vein somewhere and will make her normal and not autistic anymore… I worry about these things when it’s just the pilot week… that’s how much I miss talking about Korean dramas.


 I have tried and failed so many times to do the recapping in episodes, so I am hoping this time will do the trick.  So let’s get on board and cheer for our newest favorite doctor.



So we opened at the sight of Joo Won already suiting up to his autistic savant persona. He will be playing Park Shi On. On his way for an appointment, he was calculating the directions given to him but got distracted with a 3D tv showing in the subway.


His autism has caused him a hard life with his brother and his mother as a little boy. So that Si-on can join the local kids when they are playing, his brother agreed to get a train bearing as ordered by the neighborhood’s local children’s ring leader, but the ground erupted and just like the rabbit his father threw out of anger at him, his brother also died trying to make him a happy normal kid.


Young Shi-on frequently visited a volunteer doctor and the doctor discovered the genius in him. With eidetic memory, he has mastered human anatomy at the age of 7 but his social and communication skills need to be worked on.

So the doctor who saw Si-on’s exceptional ability mentored him to become a medical practitioner and he stood in front of the director and doctors’ panel to present the skills of Si-on so that he can take a job post in the prestigious hospital but because of his mental issues the proposal was rejected.


Meanwhile as Shi-on explored the wonderland thru 3D television, a young boy accidentally got caught in an accident when a suspended glass panel fell on him. Shi-on’s medical skills responded to the urgent situation and was able to administer a perfect first aid procedure. He rode on the ambulance who headed to the hospital where he was supposed to be going to and when he realized that another after trauma condition was happening to the little boy, his instinct forcedly made him try to deliver the message to the surgeon who later realized that the crazy man’s warning was essential to the operation and has made him save the young boy.


After the autistic doctor’s evaluation, the panel got caught in the lobby when press people showed up to the hospital looking for the doctor who miraculously saved a little boy and was already going viral on the internet. The autistic doctor they first denied was eating with the hospital’s director and was given another serving to prove his efficiency as a surgeon with the director of the hospital guaranteeing his resignation from his position if the doctor prodigy will mess up in his probation. When asked why he wanted to be a pediatric doctor, Shi-on replied it was because of his rabbit and his brother who died young… he wanted to treat children so that they they can grow up to become adults.


Shi-on was introduced to his fellow residents in training who were supervised by Professor Kim Do Han. The latter argued with his the Director about his decision to acquire the savant doctor in testing his ability and the possibility of him to function as a doctor but his mentor begged him to take care of him. They engaged in a pep talk but Shi-on’s eyes kept looking at the complex rubix cube on Prof. Kim’s table. Shi-on mumbled how he diagnosed the young boy’s condition to Prof. Kim’s annoyance and god-this-guy-is-really-amazing admittance. Their civil conversation was interrupted for a quick consult by one of the student resident, and Shi-on seized the opportunity to solve the cube.


I almost forgot about Moon Chae Won, she played Dr. Cha Yoon-seo, a second year resident in the pediatric section. She was stubborn and got the ire of his superior because she was sort of Izzy Stevens with her temperament.  She’s that doctor who gets entangled with her emotions thus it clouds her judgment to what she is supposed to do as a doctor because she takes care of what her patient would feel and would be more comfortable with. She got scolded by Dr. Do-han… okay for the sake of easy talking I will just call the doctors by their first names. She went to a bar, which made me think of Grey’s already, are doctors really hanging out at bars?  I should try going there sometimes.


Shi-on sat in front of his birthday cup cake and remembered that moment when he celebrated his birthday with his brother. He gave him his birthday gift and it was a doctor kit. His loving brother told him that he will become a doctor because he was very smart. His reverie was cut suddenly when drunk Yoon-seo muttered her hatred over Do-han started stripping her clothes and hit the sack. Shi-on watched the weird looking girl in amusement and wondering. Yoon-seo woke up and screamed at the top less man she saw brushing his teeth in front of her.



Yoon-seo woke up bewildered at the sight of Shi-on’s bare top self and threw everything her hands were able to grab at clueless Shi-on. On cue, the remote control of the tv set start up to broadcast an escaped rapist and scared Yoon-seo even more. Shi-on who was focused on prettyfying and cleaning his teeth muttered that it was his room when she demanded him not to come near her. Yoon-seo asked the unit number and was embarrassed to realize she slept on the wrong house. She ordered him to turn his head around, and cute Shi-on moved his head like he was exercising. Yoon-seo shouted at him by not getting that she meant for him to turn his back so she can put on her clothes on. Shi-on turned his back and she hurriedly clothed herself and stormed out of his unit.


They met again while heading out to work and Yoon-seo apologized for the incident which Shi-on really doesn’t care about. She explained that she used to live in his unit and she learned that he’s the new resident. She continued babbling about the incident but Shi-on was busy doing his monologue on the direction to go to the hospital. Not realizing his fixation to his own world, Yoon-seo thought he was being impolite at her. When they got to the hospital, she learned about his case with the fellow residents.


Do-han stepped inside the department’s room to get his students in the morning rounds. Yoon-seo bickered at Shi-on’s not taking down notes and not meaning to impress, he told them that he has memorized it. When the team stepped out of a patient’s room, Si-on saw the butterfly drawings and praised the little boy patient for his artistry. His keen eyes then noticed the limpness of his body and the bile vomited by kid who had just a surgery for liver cirrhosis 3 days ago. The team turned their back to the patient’s room, and Dr. Kim scolded Si-on after mumbling relentlessly the danger the boy is having. Unfortunately the surgeon who operated on him was out golfing with his friends.


The team assembled for Eun-ji’s surgery who was the cause of Yoon-seo and Do-han’s fight yesterday. Uneasy about leaving the boy he discovered to be in danger, Shi-on left the OR and called the Director.

The nurse team finally reached the doctor and he insisted to wait for him after 2 hours, but knowing the urgency of the situation, Shi-on kidnapped the patient with the help of the mischievous Senior Nurse and forcedly book an OR beside where Do-han and the rest of the team were performing a surgery.


To resolve the dilemma brought about by Shi-on’s sage ability, Do-han operated on the 2 children simultaneously, just as Shi-on’s patient was cleared from the operation blood swelled in his body, and through his mumbling he directed Do-han to deduce what was done wrongly in the previous surgery. Do-han salvaged both children and hit Shi-on who smiled after being hit. He cut down his working hours as punishment and because he really don’t know what to do about him, and Yoon-seo tried to step up for Shi-on to no avail as Do-han has a closed mind to the feasibility of his autism being treated.

Yoon-seo learning Shi-on’s routinary dinner decided to cook for them while assistant director met with the careless doctor and his brother in law who was a high ranking person in the hospital. They tried to appeal the Department Chief’s carelessness and usage of banned medicine to treat the patient.


While walking Yoon-seo jokingly babbled that Shi-on could really be perverted because he didn’t wake her up when she was sleeping last night. She teased that it can’t be helped considering her god-give body. Shi-on replied cutely who was the god who gave it, and told her that he was not looking at her body but at her pretty face being shone on by the moonlight. Yoon-seo smiled at the cheesy line which was of course unintentional on Shi-on’s part and muttered that he could definitely survive in the world. They reached home and started preparing their meal. While she cleaned up the messy table, Yoon-seo accidentally throw the green scalpel which was so important to Shi-on and when they found it inside the garbage bin, annoyed by disregarding it Shi-on threw her out of the place.


The next day Assistant Director appealed to the Director to cover up on the malpractice done by the Pediatric Chief department to maintain peace in the hospital because it could be an act of retaliation when he was initially taunted of his prodigy doctor proposal. Do-han learned of the meeting cancellation and threw a fit at the director. He went to the department’s room to spit his anger at Shi-on but held himself up for the sake of his promise to the director. Just then evil doctor from vile doctor’s camp marched in the room furious about his patient being transferred to Do-han’s team.

Not sure about the instant outburst, Yoon-seo tried to reason out that the matter was already a closed case but doctor evil remained angered to everyone’s confusion.



When I saw Joo Won embraced his persona right away in the opening scenes, I really felt good about it.  That was something he wasn’t able to showcase in his recent detective drama stint.  He really is that kind of actor who would take the extra mile in suiting up for the role he will be playing.


The pilot week was strongly presented hitting the premise and the background story all at the same time so I think and I hope we won’t have problems with the pacing.  It will be more of what medical cases they will be bringing in the show.  Thank God I was House and grey’s anatomy educated I won’t have a hard time to grasp what will be happening.


And yes, it’s not that I don’t like Moon Chae Won, but I don’t see her growing as an actress in her dramas.  I really thought the persona she played kicked off from her stubborn pretending to be strong heiress persona from Innocent Man, but i will be hopeful that I would be able to see a dimension of her this time.


I won’t rave that much, in case the writer suddenly suffer some heart problems and make the drama move 360,but Episode 1 and 2 was neatly sketched and presented the main lead profoundly.  It has also established the rest of the characters and how they will be circling around the main role.   I am expecting medical scenarios that will be sanely conceived alongside the would be running permanent conflict difficulty to make Shi-on’s character jell with it deft and quaintly.


FAVORITE SCENES:  That scene when Si-on was asked why he wanted to become a doctor and he replied that it was because of his rabbit and his brother.  he said he wanted to help children grow up  as an adult.

That scene when Si-on’s brother gave him the doctor kit birthday present.  I really dig bromance.. sometimes even more than man-woman romance.  *giggles

That scene when Si-on muttered that he was looking at her pretty face under the moonlight.


 P.S Thank you, soompi and dramabeans for the images.



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