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Defeating the Korean Basketball team at FIBA, I’ll start on my weekly anything I want to say about my korean drama land routine because for some reason the bliss after ending the basketball jinx our local basketball team suffered with them was kinda rejuvenating. *wink


I will be starting on my KDramaland Weekly What Happened… for me to share my thoughts on the dramas and variety shows I am currently watching. As I am not a daily blogger and more of a random one, I hope I can be of help to whatever thoughts I’m blabbering.


I saw a quarter of I Hear Your Voice for the summer dramas batch 1, but I put it on parking lot for my late year watching along with Yawang, Incarnation of Money, Lee Soon Shin, Cruel Palace, Shark, I Summon You Gold, God of the Workplace. (dear kdramagod, may you give me strength to finish my pendings)

 mycollage (3)

I am trying my best to finish Cyrano Agency, Cruel City, Jungyi, Scandal, Empire of Gold and Blade of Petal these days and I will be religiously watching Good Doctor, Master’s Sun, Two Weeks and Who Are You until they end. For variety shows I am hooked watching Dad, Where Are We Going, 1 NIght 2 Days, Cool Kiz on the Block, Barefoot Friends and Running Man.


So I will just be talking about whatever ideas, pout moments or praises I will be having for the programs I am going to tune in. Unfortunately I don’t know when I will be diligent enough to see some Taiwan and Doramas as KDramas are already a handful to maintain.



First Week August 2013


This week was such a breather from the boring showcase of the first batch of kdramas that I am struggling to watch. Good Doctor came strong with putting the premise and background all in the pilot week. Master’s Sun was cute and I am enjoying So Ji Sub oppa’s stoic face throwing some quirky lines. They should work on the ghost side stories because I can just watch the cute couple bicker all day and it’s okay but the suporting plot is making it messy. Two Weeks I think will be the drama I would see Lee Jun Ki in a different light. There’s just something sexy about a fugitive on his motorbike running for his dear life.


Min-yool back for Sibling Special 2 in Appa Odiga, and I’ve fallen in love again with that little boy. Song Bin was a mischievous little girl personified, she got her father’s antics and was way different from her prim and proper brother. I looked forward to the second part of the sibling special.


I bumped on Cool Kiz on the block when I was forcing myself to watch the lacking kdramas I’ve mentioned above. It has that very simple structure but the excitement and the training the players did along with the funny and candid remarks they were all giving, I fell in love with the mainstay players and the guest players. I am also excited in their 2nd badminton game, I hope they would win, although I miss NichKhun, the progress they got from training with grade school athletes and national players I think would help them a lot to secure the next match’ victory.


My favorite oppas in 1 Night 2 Days went steady with their special Research Team episode with Soo-Ae. I would have loved it more if they have stripped Soo-Ae with her actress self, but I guess she’s regal and serene like that, and no casualness in a variety show can break it.


Running Man,I didn’t enjoy the I Hear Your Voice parody because I just want them moving all through each episode. Yes I have separation anxiety with what I am used to be seeing, any minimal deviation I would cut from my regular watching. Anyway I hope next week would be back to the usual fun day.


Week 2 August… Amuse me!




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