Not grasping the weight of the action he made, Shi-on confessed that he approached the parents about the surgery idea.  Do-han got the ire of the senior doctor handling the case, and the former has to clean up the mess Shi-on created.

The patient’s parents were disheatened about the false hope given to them.  The baby patient was returned to its original doctor team.


Back on the other villains’ camp, they were brewing a plan to take down Do-han and his father. 

They planned on purposely letting Do-han know that no treatment was even performed.  Do-han eventually took on the bait and claimed the patient for surgery.


A medical meeting was called as the parties involved battled the responsibilities they should have taken and not, but in the midst of deciding what punishment should be done, the infant was crashing at NICU. 

An emergency surgery was performed while the evil pediatric head gloated at the urgent situation. Just when the procedure was hitting its success, there was a perforation in the billary tract.  Shi-on contradicted Yoon-seo’s diagnosis to remove the tumors to which Do-han agreed, and the surgical team froze to a medical miracle to save the day. 




The doctors were stuck on their next move to salvage the infant’s life while the doctors viewing outside talked about the inevitable dead end.  Shi-on again sensing the right track to take suggested draining the leaked bile and his last minute suggestion saved the day.

Now it’s time to continue the interrupted medical caucus earlier and given the weight of the surgical procedure done by Do-han, the severity of the punishment was reduced to a week suspension for him.


Shi-on was bullied by the other residents so Yoon-seo dragged him out for a pep talk.  She told him how it is but normal to commit mistakes during the internship but his attitude would be the important factor to approach the undertakings, and of course Shi-on’s fixed thinking was only after the idea that the patient lived.

Do-han and his girlfriend hospital heiress went to a vacation so Yoon-seo led the team for the mean time.


The villain head of pediatric stirred woes to parents of the children who were already having bad impressions on Shi-on.  It catapulted to an accident when the playing children were caught by Dr. Shi-on trying to eat snacks in secret.  One of the children mentioned the same line the ring leader form Shi-on’s childhood used to say to him and it brought out memories that shook him and caused the nearby glassy objects to fall on the floor wounding the kids.

An emergency case came in and against the approval of the Pediatric head, stubborn Yoon-seo called the shots to carry on with the surgery when the patient has a very slim chance of surviving.  Do-han who can’t focus on his getaway with his girlfriend, rushed back to the hospital upon hearing Yoon-seo’s tough call.  Yoon-seo struggled to sustain the patient’s life but the patient flat-lined.



Episode 3 and 4 delineated the line between the good and the bad doctors.  It was also establishing the underdog self of Shi-on which I will be taking in for these episodes, I don’t want this to become a permanent thing or a seesaw kind of thing.  If they will make him rise to the occasion, I hope not to the expense of always making him suffer first.  I love the complex relationship between Shi-on and Do-han and I hated the bullying scenes threw at Shi-on.  It’s unimaginable in the medical field I guess.  I fully comprehend the intention but it just doesn’t make sense.

I don’t know when I will start liking Moon Chae Won here but at times when she is not acting over the top, the rest of her acting is bland for me that I can’t feel for her character.

I hope for a lighter tone next week, I can only take a little of bullying.  I also look forward to the unravelling of the quasi-villains of the story and to how they will be leading to the romantic side of this drama.





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