Yoon-seo failed to prolong Min-hee’s life in the operation and has had her very first patient died on her operating table.  The grieving parents blamed Yoon-seo for the lost.  Pediatric Surgery Head threw a fit at Do-han for what happened.  Do-han later saw Shi-on sewing Min-hee’s blouse and the non-empathic surgeon again saw Shi-on’s act as foolishness and that he didn’t believe in Heaven, he again scolded Shi-on’s belief.  Toughie Yoon-seo went on with her life while she was unaware that her fellow residents were trying to shield her.  Do-han asked for a reprieve to his suspension to take care of what happened. Shi-on stayed in front of the morgue for him to accompany the little girl’s cadaver. 

No matter how he was asked politely and forced to get up for lurking in front of the morgue, he didn’t budge even if he was also scared and he explained to Yoon-seo how Min-hee might be so scared of what happened, that’s why he wanted to be with her.  Shi-on asked her if like Dr. Do-han she also doesn’t believe of heaven, and she replied that living in heaven and spending time with the love of your parents and they took that away from Min-hee.  Shi-on narrated how when he was an intern an incident like that of Min-hee’s happened, and the hospital would always reject the patient for surgery when they were in the brink of dying. 


Shi-on:  Min-hee will be thankful to you.  They all gave up and didn’t perform the surgery.  The only person who didn’t reject the surgery was you.  The Director told me this before… Treating a patient is important, but giving an opportunity for the patient to live is also important.

Yoon-seo remained sulking and crying over why her patient didn’t arrive earlier for her to save her.  She sobbed how her heart also stopped when she heard the sound of her dying and she couldn’t do anything.  She poured on her fear of seeing Min-hee’s dying face and that she might not be able to hold a scalpel anymore because of it but Shi-on assured Yoon-seo that Min-hee is grateful for her so she should not worry… Shi-on tried to reach his hand to console her but Yoon-seo’s phone rang.  Do-han asked her to perform another surgery.  She complained on his intention to strengthen her after her failed first operation, but upon Do-han’s taunting, she agreed to do the procedure.


After her successful second operation, Yoon-seo went to the wake of Min-hee to pay respect and overheard Min-hee’s parents talking to Do-han.  They apologized for the rash comments and asked him to extend their apology to Yoon-seo.  They admitted how they were unfair to the doctor who bravely accepted their daughter when all else rejected her for the operation.  Because of that, Yoon-seo’s heavy heart was relieved. 

Meanwhile in the hospital, evil pediatric surgery head met with assistant chairman to present the complaint he worked on the past few days.  The chairman was also meeting the hospital’s foundation head and she brought out the complaint petition raised about Shi-on.  She was worried that someone is orchestrating it that’s why it was brought directly to the foundation’s attention.


Shi-on’s long lost mother who I was also wondering where she went was coincidentally working at the hospital’s cafeteria as well, and when she saw Shi-on she recognized the son she abandoned.  She turned her back as Min-hee’s parents approached; Shi-on took the opportunity to give Min-hee’s clothing that he sewed.


Yoon-seo visited Shi-on at his room and she marvelled at the walled drawing of his brother, the rabbit and Min-hee.  When she asked him, if it was the heaven, he replied that it was not like that in trying to explain what he really drew, he motioned to his heart and sang cutely that “Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door song. “  Yoon-seo hugged Shi-on at his cuteness, and our boy-next-door who has his own world hiccupped at her action.  She thanked him for making her realized that it was not good being a surgeon without heart.


Later on the two sat outside to eat and Yoon-seo learned about the tragic accident that caused Shi-on’s brother’s life.  He told him that because he was scared to go inside the abandoned land mine, his brother went to accompany him.  He showed him the toy green scalpel and told her that he wants to keep his promise to become a real doctor to his brother.


As if the night bonding time was not enough, Yoon-seo showed up at Shi-on’s dishevelled, topless fresh from bed face the next morning.  He tried to cover himself, but Yoon-seo smiled at what he was doing teasing him that she has already seen it before.  She asked him to go out that day and they went to the zoo, and our cutie genius tired Yoon-seo exploring the place in many rounds.  Yoon-seo got the insight of how Shi-on’s extensive brain stretched to even animal sickness diagnosis which will be coming in handy because the next case they will be dealing would be werewolf boy’s long lost little sister.



So the ER was in distress and werewolf’s boy little sister has been biting and scaring the doctors that were trying to calm her.  Shi-on who deduced what might have happened with the little girl, tried to communicate with her in animal’s wavelength but his first attempt failed.  Just when he was gaining her trust though, heartless Do-han intervened and ordered his students to sedate her.

They learned of how the young girl was raised amongst the dogs her aunt was also taking care of thus she has an autistic and savage nature.  Yoon-seo put some medicine on the arm of Shi-on that was bitten and our shy boy is surely having a dose of cotton candy and romance which I am so excited to think of.  He explained to her why he needed to align his connection with her like he was communicating with an animal.  Yoon-seo told him not to say those things when the other doctors are around.

1376921773_558326 (1)

The hospital officials were going crazy about the companies withdrawing investments on them and I’d rather not delve on it, but they were all fussing about the lost and they were all plotting to put the blame on the Director by using the current hospital’s troubles.

Little girl patient Ya-eun has been feeling some pain after her surgery so Yoon-seo and Shi-on went to check her.  What Yoon-seo can’t understand, Shi-on fully grasped as the little girl explained the sounds she can hear emanating from her body.  Shi-on translated the sounds so Yoon-seo can understand her.  As it turned out she was feeling the itch and discomfort as a result of the healing process after surgery.  Ya-eun thanked Shi-on for understanding her predicament and gave her some food stick that he can share with his girlfriend.  So who did he share the food with?  Yes, he shared it with Yoon-seo.

ep 6

Shi-on bravely asked Do-han to become werewolf’s girl attending physician to which he strongly declined but the pediatric surgery head who was furious because the Shi-on complaint he worked on was thrashed because of the on-going hospital conflicts saw an opportunity to make matters worse for Shi-on.  He ordered Do-han to let Shi-on took care of the werewolf girl, and the latter was happy about it.

When chubby senior nurse was having problems making werewolf girl to eat, Shi-on came to rescue and got a bowl of food for her.  He explained that she was accustomed in that way of eating so they have to proceed with what she was used to.  Yoon-seo saw what was happening and tried to interfere but the Director stopped her and reminded her about the talk he had before about the human-animal connection.  He narrated that he got the inspiration from Shi-on and his pet rabbit.


Yoon-seo castigated Do-han and his harshness towards Shi-on but the drama won’t still disclose the reason for that except parading those sad Do-han moments while he grieved at the wake of a young boy.

Do-han stood up hospital-heiress who prepared a heavy and sumptuous dinner and he texted her that it was  because of an urgent surgery he has to attend to when in fact he was drowning himself of soju.

Yoon-seo who is now the resident audience for untold stories of this Korean drama listened as Do-han reminisced the memories of his younger brother who passed away.  He was also mentally challenged but received enough care from their parents.  He suggested for his parents to stop dropping him at school so he can learn his ways in the real world.  Unfortunately that advice caused his dear brother’s life when he had an episode attack and was hit by an approaching truck.


The next morning Yoon-seo grabbed Shi-on for a quick bit as hospital-heiress learned about not having an operation at all from Do-han’s student.

The two ate at the cafeteria as Shi-on’s mother smiled while watching at her son from afar.  After eating, omoni felt a twinge of pain and collapsed, Shi-on and Yoon-seo came to her rescue.

Shi-on did a good job taking care of werewolf girl Eun-ok and the patient children also started befriending her.  Evil Chief of Pediatric surgery’s resident spy was seen spotting the children with Shi-on and Eun-ok at the isolated room.

Yoon-seo helped Omoni with the admission papers and when she got her wallet for her ID, her family picture showing Shi-on and his brother was dropped.  Smart Yoon-seo connected the dots to Omoni’s true identity.


Meanwhile Assistant Director’s friend spoke with the latter about the current progress in the situation at the hospital and after chatting we see him entertaining another guest who turned out to be hospital heiress.  It turned out that it was her manipulation that made two investors withdrew from the hospital.  Hospital heiress Chae Kyung mentioned about Assistant Director  Kang Hyeon-tae who has been making her moves thwarted because of his keen mind in helping her step-mom.

So the doctor spy from the evil camp called Shi-on for assistance.  Shi-on made sure the door was locked before he headed to his destination.  Doctor spy left the door opened and Eun-ok eventually caused havoc in the hospital.  The guards have to subdue her and when Shi-on saw what was happening he shoved off a guard trying to get to the werewolf girl.



There were a lot of heartwarming notes and craziness for this week and as long as our Shi-on-ie is happy, I am happy.  What’s very amazing in this plainly conceived hospital drama is that they pay attention to the lessons you will be learning each episode.  Since this drama mostly involved human emotions, the situations raised have been so far satisfying.

I hope to see why Chae-kyung is such an unreasonable step-daughter here, because she appeared to be a nice girlfriend even if her boyfriend is robotic, her patience is undeniably CAPSLOCK BIG.  Actually the whole hospital political thing slowly injected in the story felt like a commercial for me, I don’t want to watch it but they have to be there.


I am slowly being fond of the blossoming romance that Shi-on is now feeling but not understanding.  I am really worried on to whether the love story will even come to pass.

Thank you for drama for not dwelling on making life even harder for Shi-on.  I am excited for next week.  I hope omoni will try to make up for leaving Shi-on.



P.S  Stills credits from hancinema. soompi, koreandrama,dramabeans.



joo won


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